/Meet Personal Branding Expert Chris Diaz Who Says, “Live Your Brand In Everyday Life.”

Meet Personal Branding Expert Chris Diaz Who Says, “Live Your Brand In Everyday Life.”

In the days before social media, a professional’s sphere of influence was limited to the individuals they personally knew and interacted with. Now, anyone can develop a finely tuned personal brand and become a respected industry influencer, often with a large following of people they’ve never met.

Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight; establishing credibility and growing an audience takes time and consistent effort. But if you have a unique voice and valuable contributions to make, you can join the growing ranks of thought leaders in your field.

We had a chance to chat with personal branding expert Chris Diaz (@itschrisdiaz) on his tips on how to grow your digital presence and leverage it to drive more growth for your brand. Check out his tips below

Live Your Brand In Everyday Life

It’s easy to put on a good show when you’re in front of prospective clients or employers. But remember your brand when it “doesn’t count.” How are you responding when you’re in everyday situations like ordering at a restaurant, online at the airport or at the grocery store? You’re making a first impression with everyone you meet. You never know who may be a future client or customer.

Consistently Produce Strategic, Helpful Content

Consistently curated content that is both strategic and helpful to your audience will position you in a favorable light of influence. Today, video content via your social media streams adds immediate attention to your personal brand, and this typically holds true for all industries.

Align Your Brand With Your Current Organization

Plant, create and bloom where you work now. Create content for your company’s newsletter. Volunteer to write for an industry-aligned publication. Drive up your brand where you work. Create value where you are allowing your personal and professional brand to thrive simultaneously. Instead of just looking at shiny ideas outside of work, find ways to align your personal brand with your organization.

Strive To Be No. 1 In Your Category

Being influential means you stand out from the crowd. To stand out in a crowd you must be distinct and recognized as unique. The best way to achieve this status is to dominate a category of your market and brand yourself as the top expert. Too many professionals try to be all things to all people and end up being a commodity. To be No. 1 in your category, you must specialize and be the best.