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Gus Dahleh’s Shares The Best Cities For Commercial Real Estate Investment In 2020

Gus Dahleh claims “there will be no shortage of opportunities in the world of commercial real estate investing in 2020. The majority of economists are predicting that the economy in the United States will continue to expand. Because other global financial markets are experiencing volatility, some international investors see the United States as a stable alternative.”


There are commercial real estate investment opportunities throughout the United States, says Gus Dahleh. With that said, there are seven cities in particular that provide incredible investment opportunities. These cities range from medium to large in size. 


Every city is on this list for a different reason, but the places listed here do have a few things in common. The cities on this list have booming job markets, and people are concerned about finding affordable properties in these areas. 


Gus Dahleh’s Top Cities for Commercial Real Estate in 2020 


1. Atlanta, GA 


According to Gus Dahleh, rents are growing at a higher rate in Atlanta than in any other United State cities. Rents are predicted to increase by approximately 4% between the present and 2024. 


2. Austin, TX 


Austin is predicted to be a national leader in job growth this year. Experts are also predicting that the city will see a population boom between now and 2025. There are a number of qualities that make Austin an attractive prospect, such as the affordable housing rates, low taxes, and jobs in the tech industry. 


In November of 2019, Apple declared that it would be building a one billion dollar North Austin campus. The first buildings of the campus should be opened in 2022. It will be providing jobs for 5,000 people or more. Once the campus is fully constructed, there may be 15,000 people or more working at the Austin Apple campus. All of these people are going to need a place to live in. 


3. Boston, MA 


Gus Dahleh isn’t predicted to see a job boom here, nor is Boston expected to see a major population increase. It’s still the 10th most populated metro area in the United States, however, and it provides impressive investment opportunities. The Bureau of Economic Analysis has data stating that, when it comes to gross domestic product per capita, Boston is in sixth place. 


Boston is appealing to investors and skilled workers because its economy is fueled by both education and technology. There’s a lot of demand for medium-density housing in Boston, but there aren’t enough properties to meet that demand. Savvy commercial real estate investors could take advantage of that untapped market. 


4. Charlotte, NC 


It’s easy to see that Charlotte is in a period of growth when you look at all the infrastructure projects there. Charlotte Douglas International Airport is in the midst of a five-year expansion plan. A bus and light rail network have also been added to the city’s metro area. 


Gus Dahleh sees the low taxes in the area, and how it’s an ideal place for businesses, a reason and knows this is why Charlotte is growing. Many industries are making investments in the area, including the tech and manufacturing industries. Real estate investors are also taking a closer look at Charlotte. In 2019, 1.5% of real estate investments in the United States were in the Charlotte metro area. From 2016 to 2018, it was at 1.2%, which means it’s seen an impressive 0.3% increase. 


5. Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 


The Dallas-Fort Worth area is also seeing major infrastructure projects. For example, the Cotton Belt Regional Rail Corridor is expanding. The Silver Line should connect Dallas and the counties around Dallas to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It’s scheduled to launch in 2022. 


American Airlines is also building a new terminal at DFW. The terminal, which is expected to cost $3 billion, is expected to open in 2025. Amazon Air, the cargo air service operated by Amazon, is also going to be opening a regional hub at another airport in the area, Fort Worth Alliance Airport. 


Looking at these projects is proof that the Dallas-Fort Worth area is growing. In fact, Gus Dahleh says it isn’t that far behind Austin when it comes to job growth. 


6. Nashville, TN 


Nashville is another city that’s seeing tremendous job growth, which is why it provides excellent opportunities for commercial real estate investments. Rents in the area are also on the rise.

According to CBRE, Nashville comes in fifth in the United States when it comes to rental growth between now and 2025. 


Beyond that, Gus Dahleh has mentioned the two big announcements made in 2019 that indicate the area will continue to see significant employment growth. To start, Amazon will be building a new Operations Center of Excellence in Nashville’s downtown area. Amazon is sinking $230 million into the project, which should add a minimum of 5,000 new jobs. Beyond that, Smile Direct Club has said that they plan to hire 2,000 new workers in the Nashville area. 


7. San Jose, CA 


As is the case with Boston, San Jose has a large population and doesn’t have enough medium-density housing to meet current demands. The area also has strong support from the education and tech industries. According to predictions from CBRE, rents should see approximately 1.6% growth in 2020.


Gus Dahleh sees the San Jose metro area as hip and very appealing. This charm extends into its suburbs. There are a number of walkable developments in suburbs like Santa Clara. 


San Jose is distinct from the other cities listed here because the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lists its downtown area as a qualified opportunity zone (QOZ). This designation is in place to boost development and growth in the area. It’s possible that San Jose’s classification as a QOZ will help boost commercial real estate investments in the area. 


Gus Dahleh on Making The Right Investments 


According to Gus Dahleh, economic growth will start to slow this year. Still, it isn’t likely that we’ll see another recession. Commercial real estate investors from around the world are choosing to invest in the United States. While there are excellent investment opportunities across the country, the seven cities listed above have incredible potential. 


It’s essential to be aware that, as the year goes on, new opportunities may open up. It’s also likely that new risks will appear. Because of this, any investor should be keeping track of local demographic and economic trends as well as national and worldwide trends. If you do this, you can avoid mistakes and make smart investments that will pay off for you like Gus has learned to do.


Gus Dahleh is a real estate entrepreneur who specializes in commercial real estate development with a primary focus on distressed assets. Since 2010, Dahleh has acquired over $50 million of commercial real estate assets and entered into long term leases with JP Morgan Chase Bank, AT&T, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Cubesmart. Gus Dahleh has also developed a niche in the cell antenna industry by selling lease revenue to publicly traded REITS which include American Tower and SBA Communications Corp. Gus Dahleh began his financial markets career as an equity options trader at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. Gus Dahleh has developed proven option strategies for the U.S. 30 Year Treasury Bond and Gold Futures based on seasonal and technical patterns. Gus Dahleh has a proven track record for providing direction on how to maximize the value of commercial real estate and financial market investments. For more information, follow Gus Dahleh through his Social Media links below or visit for more information.


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