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Entrepreneur Sahar Barati is Inspiring New Paths

Who is entrepreneur Sahar Barati?

Her website explains,

“Sahar, a successful businesswoman, was born in the Middle East and remembers as a child, being surrounded by the lush and colourful environment of Middle Eastern culture and fashion. She professes to have always been an individual when it comes to fashion. From an early age she refused to follow fashion trends. Sahar describes herself as an “old soul” and admits she is more apt to choose vintage clothing or antique designs which she then alters for an even more original look. Her love of adornment and distinctive fashion has never left her, and when the opportunity came to create her own jewelry, Sahar leaped at the chance, and derived her inspiration from the colours of her past.”

In her first year selling (2008) in the ultra-competitive Vancouver real-estate market, Sahar was recognized as the top-selling agent in the entire metropolitan area, winning a distinguished Rookie of the Year award. She’s been in the top 10% of agents in the greater Vancouver area for an incredible 11 years in a row, and in her 14 years of real estate, she has been in the top 1% of all agents three times.

“I have a degree in Interior Design. I’ve been doing real estate, residential development, and home decor for our construction company, Sahar International Enterprise Inc. for 20 years now,” she explains.

Sahar is an accomplished entrepreneur who runs her prestigious SAHAR BMD Brand.

Her website explains,

“At Sahar BMD, we love using our brand to tell meaningful stories that help Middle Eastern traditions alive. Many of our designs have been inspired by the natural beauties of the Middle East from the Nile river to the Red Sea. All our collections are shipped from Canada.”

Sahar is a beacon for other entrepreneurs who continually inspires others toward higher goals.

“Never give up on your goals. Work hard for your dreams and even if they don’t go well at the beginning, just continue to work hard.”

“In the future, I want to help other people, especially women who suffer from different [issues] in their life, through my website. I want to sell their hand-made products and help them to have self-confidence and establish a business from zero, because I started from zero.”

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