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Nathan Menard: New Talent on the Music Scene

Musical artist and producer Nathan Menard is a romantic in every sense of the word. “I create music that leaves you changed, invites you to dream again, and moves you to dance,” he says, drumming his fingers as we talk. Just from listening to him, you can pick up on the energy that he has and his robust joy for life. It’s a passion that Nathan puts into his songs, all in the hopes that his music will remind you of the feelings you had when you first fell in love and of the joy of the simple moments that turn into cherished memories.

As talented as Nathan is, he grew up in a house where music was never played. “My world was rocked, so to speak, when I was fourteen years old,” he says, remembering. “I heard a Marvin Gaye song, and it was the first time I had ever really heard great music. That moment honestly changed my life. I said I’d do whatever it took to sound like that and be able to make music that made people feel like I did that day: confident, dreamy, in love, and wanting to dance.”

Convinced that he had found his calling, Nathan went on to teach himself how to play the drums, guitar, and piano. “Eventually, I learned production, mixing, and mastering. Up until this point, I’ve done everything on my own and have just learned to master my craft. I’ve been writing and producing songs for years, and I am now ready to be heard.”

Getting to that point, however, has not been easy. “This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” he says. “I’ve never come close to breaking through the cage I feel like I’ve been stuck in. There is not one thing I’ve faced that hasn’t been a challenge. I was constantly told I wouldn’t make it, which a huge part of me still believes since you don’t hear very often about some random white kid with no connections becoming an R&B superstar.”

Nathan is thoughtful as he thinks about the impact he wants his music to make on other people. “I want to bring the zeal and color back to life and love. I think people have forgotten how to celebrate life, and I want my music to remind them.”

Nathan believes there is a lot that people can relate to in his music. “In my most recent single, “Lottery,” the theme of the song is the idea that I am a winning lottery ticket but end up in the trash. Everyone feels this way at some point, right? Whether it’s in the workplace, at home, or in their love life, everyone feels overlooked even though they have so much to offer. That’s what I try to put in my music: a common man’s comprehension of the world, love, life, and music and what all of that means.”

It’s hard not to like Nathan when he gives his answer to what success means to him. “Success for me would be someone who plans a surprise date for their lady, and at the end of said date, they light some candles and dance to my song with their girl under the moonlight. I also wouldn’t mind one of the more banging R&B hits being used for a Tik Tok dance trend.”

Nathan knows that he faces long odds in his profession. “The music world will eat you up and spit you out, that’s true,” he says. “However, I really believe in my core that I have something special to offer a listener. I know I probably sound like every single person that’s ever auditioned for American Idol, but man, my whole life I’ve been an optimist. I am filled with joy and a passion for music that is heard with the heart. I’ve got music and life in me that’s just waiting to be released. Long story short, I think I have talent and heart. I am a winning lottery ticket just waiting to be scratched.”

Nathan pauses for a moment, then grins. “I am a random white kid from Southern California who makes real soul music with complex chords, groove, voice, and a bedside production that is better than it should be. My music gives me life, and I want the same for the listener.”