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Dr. Saji Salam Promotes Passive Income

The COVID-19 epidemic wreaked havoc on investment portfolios throughout the nation. This was especially true for physicians who had to deal with patients who stayed at home for the most of the year. CareventuresCapital aims to assist doctors in investing in possibilities that produce passive income. Saji Salam, a physician, established the business in Houston, Texas, to assist high net worth people in the profession with generating passive income possibilities for themselves via real estate and creative startup investment opportunities.

What Exactly is Passive Income?

Passive income is defined as revenue that takes little to no work to acquire and retain, and it is fundamental to the CareventuresCapital business model. The team helps doctors by co-investing in apartment deals in which investors split ownership. These passive investing possibilities are available in North America via class B and C apartments. Rental income and other business activities in which the earner does not engage substantially are examples of CareventuresCapital’s passive income.

“We want to help other physicians generate income by making their money work for them,” Dr. Salam explains. “The work of the industry can be taxing, so finding time to research additional streams of income is something a lot of people in the field pass up on, even if they have the means to do so. We want to change that.” 

CareventuresCapital’s Leadership

Dr. Saji Salam, the company’s founder, uses his management consulting and engagement management abilities to complement the team’s operational and transaction management experience. CareventuresCapital provides physicians with a passive income stream by utilizing their vast expertise and network. Dr. Saji Salam has over twenty years of experience in five major consulting companies, including Deloitte and Accenture, managing and advising enterprise-wide project implementation efforts with Fortune 500 customers.

Dr. Salam has been a full-time real estate investor since 2017, investing in single-family and multifamily properties in the United States and abroad, with an ownership stake in over 1800 doors, and has developed assets to a value of over $70 million dollars under management as an owner-operator.

“The formula that we have here when it comes to investing works,” Dr. Salam says. “We need healthcare professionals to spend a little time getting educated on investing and mitigating risks in the process; for which we conduct several educational programs that cover topics ranging from Tax to Legal aspects of investments. Once they do that, physician investors can be confident about investing their money to obtain decent returns.” 

The Bottom Line for Physicians Seeking Profitable Investments

CareventuresCapital provides alternatives for doctors who are comfortable with a more active investing mentality to participate in the early phases of financing companies.

“We didn’t want to simply pursue real estate,” says Dr. Salam. “We do have starting alternatives available for those doctors who are okay with a higher level of investment risk. With the possibility for risk comes the potential for profit, and that is what we want to see at the end of the day regardless of where investments are made. We are doing our job as long as doctors gain and make a benefit on their investments.”

The medical profession is evolving, and doctors must be able to support themselves and one another. Saji Salam and the rest of the CareventuresCapital team are working hard every day to make it happen.

“We need to come together as a profession and help each other out,” Dr. Salam says. “There’s so much we can do here, but it requires cooperation and a willingness to learn. If that happens, the possibilities with our business are endless.”

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