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Modern Brokers of America and the Movement Toward Solar Energy

Homeowners who invest in solar power installation systems will receive several benefits, including a lower electric bill, a decrease in their carbon footprint, and an increase in the value of their homes. “Keep in mind that these benefits differ from one home to another,” Nefi Shannon of Modern Brokers of America explains. “That’s why our team at Modern Brokers calculates the costs and finds the best price for you.” Because there are high costs involved in switching to solar energy, Modern Brokers wants to make sure your decision will be cost-effective. 

The cost of solar is pretty easy to understand once you find an installation company and break down the cost of all the individual components. However, figuring out the subsidies can be a difficult task because they are continuously changing. Fortunately, this is another aspect that Modern Brokers of America can take care of for you. The team oversees every project in its entirety to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Modern Brokers of America shop around all the leading solar installers nationwide and locally to give homeowners the best bang for their buck in their area. They partner with other companies such as Titan Solar and Palmetto, two of the three largest solar installers in the country, to help homeowners save time and money in their search for solar. “We make the process easy for our customers,” the company states. “We work with the top installers, who source the highest quality equipment and guarantee the best prices.” 

Because the cost of electricity is often a significant part of a homeowner’s monthly expenses, investing in a solar panel system could provide lower utility bills and possibly lead to free power. Solar energy is a smart way for homeowners to invest their money with substantial returns that compete with more common investments such as stocks and bonds. Because investors of solar save on their electric bill, they can pay for the acquisition and see a return on their investment. 

Solar energy has empowered homeowners to protect themselves from unpredictable utility prices, especially as those prices continue to increase. Solar energy can help homeowners predict the cost of utilities to manage their finances better. “The financial benefit to going solar is undeniable,” Nefi explains. “Solar power is helpful for environmental reasons as it reduces emissions caused by fossil fuels.” The continuous trend towards combating climate change means that the demand for solar energy will only continue to increase. Purchasing a home with solar installation means that it is likely being financed through a mortgage. Solar power makes the home more economical than other homes that haven’t had solar installation. 

The solar movement has already begun, and the world is heading in the direction of renewable energy. “Renewable energy has so many benefits, and there is so much money to be saved, regardless of where you stand politically,” the company states. “And with our “GO SOLAR SAVE NOW” program you can save immediately with no money down and no upfront installation costs whatsoever.” the company states, “So, it doesn’t matter what the homeowner’s financial situation is, we can help them save right away.”

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