/Mortgage Loan Officers and Brokers Find a Sales Ally in MERGE Media

Mortgage Loan Officers and Brokers Find a Sales Ally in MERGE Media

Productivity in the mortgage loan industry is increasing as brokers and loan officers leave behind the frustrations and inefficiencies of cold calling and relying on word of mouth to find new clients. They are not, however, experiencing more success because of large companies that sell the same leads to thousands of clients. Instead, industry professionals are taking advantage of a new opportunity: to work with companies like MERGE Media, whose team does the initial lifting for clients and supplies them with calendars of pre-booked appointments with leads that are personalized and warmed-up. The result is a new way of doing business for mortgage brokers and loan officers, and it’s freeing them to focus on cultivating viable leads and turning them into sales successes.

The Problems that MERGE Media Solves

MERGE Media analyzed the industry and saw that employees were spending a significant part of their days trying to establish relationships with customers who were not necessarily ready to obtain a loan or who were not part of the firm’s sales demographics. The MERGE Media team believed that this part of the sales process could be improved if they took it over for the firms and helped to streamline how leads were identified and cultivated.

MERGE Media also saw that while the larger companies that produced mass leads had their advantages, ultimately they were not helping mortgage brokers, who were all receiving the same prospects, resulting in a race to see who could contact each one first. This was another inefficiency built into the sales process for mortgage employees.

To break loan officers and brokers out of an antiquated way of identifying and cultivating prospects, MERGE Media decided to create the solution: customized digital marketing campaigns that result in leads sold only to the client. This approach replaces business as usual in the mortgage industry and frees employees to focus their expertise on the intricacies of creating relationships with clients and getting more sales.

MERGE Media’s Solution for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers

MERGE Media believes that each of its clients should be given leads that no one else in the industry has. It also thinks that each lead should be selected based on the persona of the mortgage firm. To that end, MERGE Media creates and runs customized marketing campaigns for every client. 

The first step happens when there is an inbound loan inquiry. First-contact emails and text messages are continually sent to the prospect on behalf of MERGE Media’s mortgage clients until MERGE Media’s in-house agent speaks to the person. Once the prospect books an appointment with a mortgage banker, new emails and text messages are triggered that contain information on the mortgage process. The goal is to keep the mortgage process fresh in the mind of the potential client until MERGE Media’s client can speak with the prospective borrower.

MERGE Media keeps the lead warm even after the individual books an appointment with the mortgage professional. If the company’s client cannot immediately speak with the prospect, MERGE Media will continue to email and text the person so that the lead does not go cold. 

The result for MERGE Media’s clients are days full of exclusive appointments with sales prospects who already have information about the mortgage process and are warmed-up. This approach leads to higher productivity for the mortgage industry professional, the elimination of cold calling, and an increase in profits for the firm.

The Future of Sales in the Mortgage Industry Because of MERGE Media

With MERGE Media, mortgage brokers and loan officers can leave behind an inefficient sales process, one that filled their days with dead-end leads. Instead, they can now focus their time and energy on personalized, exclusive prospects that are more likely to result in success, a win for everyone.

MERGE Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating customized leads for mortgage brokers and lenders. Its professionals create personalized campaigns for their clients and constantly look for ways to help them to do their jobs better and more easily. For the convenience of its clients, MERGE Media partners with Coin Payments and can accept payments in cryptocurrency or keep them in the company’s cryptocurrency wallet. 

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