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Celebrity NDA Launches its App for Paperless Non-disclosure Agreements

Celebrity NDA just launched a mobile app that can populate NDAs in under two minutes. Frank Peters is the founder of the brand. “The application provides customized, legally binding NDA’s on the go,”  Peters explains. “This is an important tool that should be more accessible.” The app isn’t just for celebrities either; it’s for anyone who needs protection and privacy.

What is the purpose of a non-disclosure agreement? 

A non-disclosure agreement (NDAs) is a contract you and another party enter into that states certain information will not be disclosed. In other words, they agree to never discuss a particular topic. They agree to never speak about the details outlined in the agreement. 

Are NDAs worth it? 

Yes. NDAs are worth the cost. Anytime you share sensitive, detailed personal or proprietary information, you put yourself at risk. A non-disclosure agreement will give you peace of mind, and having it on your phone makes it convenient enough to invest in. 

Celebrities are the perfect example because they often have to find a way to casually ask friends, guests, and business investors to sign non-disclosure agreements. Celebrities run the risk of having potentially damaging personal information shared with the public. Celebrity or not, leaked information is a violation of your privacy. 

If someone were to violate a non-disclosure agreement, you could essentially take them to court and sue them for any damages, including monetary damages. Depending on the kind of NDA you purchase, the liquidated damages clause will include an amount the other party will be liable for. It is an extra layer of protection that ensures confidentiality. 

If you’ve ever had an NDA written up or have had to sign one, then you probably know that there’s a lot of work that goes into it. The terms have to be written up and approved by a lawyer, followed by some back and forth signatures and documentation.

The video capture capability records the signer’s signature and then timestamps it. 

The app is a new way to provide a quick, easy, and efficient way to protect your privacy on the go without lawyers. Celebrity NDA  offers three different price packages to fit your budget and automatically populates a non-disclosure agreement on your phone. 

Peters saw a need to streamline this process, and with the help of his development team, they were able to create an app that includes all the proper documentation. “It was a challenge creating a user-friendly interface and to get the features to work as smoothly as possible,” Peters recounts. “This is more than just an NDA. We provide a confidentiality agreement with an ADR clause as well.” NDAs are accessible in under two minutes. The VIP package also offers video capture capability, which records the signer’s signature and then timestamps it. 

With so many services developing online platforms, there is no reason NDAs shouldn’t be accessible on a mobile device.

Imagine meeting someone for a date and asking them to sign a complicated, lengthy document – how inconvenient. Now imagine simply asking your date to sign an agreement on your phone. You look like you have it together because you indeed do have it together, so to speak. The application is a game-changer for high-profile individuals or those looking to protect proprietary information. With so many services developing online platforms, there is no reason NDAs shouldn’t be accessible on a mobile device. NDAs are an essential tool that clients should have access to anywhere at any time. 

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