/“Big Al” Clarke and Real Biz Game: Empowering People of Color to Become Successful Entrepreneurs

“Big Al” Clarke and Real Biz Game: Empowering People of Color to Become Successful Entrepreneurs

In the United States, people of color represent roughly 40% of the population, yet they are only 20% of the country’s owners of businesses that have employees. “Big Al” Clarke of Real Biz Game believes this number should be much higher. “People of color are tremendously talented and have the leadership ability to start and run thriving companies,” he says. “In my 15+ years as a business consultant, I have worked with many African Americans and other minorities and have been very impressed by their ideas and dedication. I think what holds too many back is a lack of quality information about how, exactly, to manage a company. That’s why I founded Real Biz Game: I wanted to bring my business knowledge and guidance to more people so that they can succeed as entrepreneurs.”

Real Biz Game: Stepping Into the Information Gap and Filling It

“See if you can relate to this scenario,” Big Al suggests. “You’ve got a business, and you’ve got a strong product. However, you don’t know how to grow your company at a wise rate. So, you do what many people do: you find a course and try to learn the answer to your question. That’s a great approach, but here’s what happens to a high percentage of people: they either don’t finish the course, perhaps because they weren’t learning what they needed to know, or if they do finish it, they are still unsure of what to do. To make it even harder, there’s no one to help them implement any steps that could solve their problem. They’re still back where they started.”

Real Biz Game is the solution to these problems. “I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from helping entrepreneurs, social influencers, and major figures in the sports, entertainment, and music industries and put it all into Real Biz Game,” Big Al explains. “It’s practical knowledge translated into specific action steps that lead to measurable results. What our clients especially appreciate is that they aren’t left on their own to do it all. We stay with them as they transform their businesses into what they always envisioned they would be.”

Real Biz Game’s clients benefit from a wealth of resources, including personal coaching and mentorships, personalized action plans designed to solve any issues the client is experiencing, and training guides. 

The results speak for themselves. As Big Al states, “A few months ago, I brokered a deal for my YouTuber CJ So Cool with a company called Royalty Exchange. This was the only YouTuber they had ever done, but better than that, it was the largest deal they had ever done: $1.7 million. That was a Real Biz Game moment.”

Real Biz Game: Managing E-Commerce Stores for Clients

Big Al has had many people of color ask him about e-commerce and passive income. “I tell them that, done correctly, it can be a viable source of income for them,” he says. “The key is to go into it realistically and understand that with an automated store, it can take 10-12 months to get your investment back. I think they appreciate how transparent we are, one of the reasons they choose us.”

Real Biz Game, he continues, focuses on Walmart. “It is one of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms. It has millions of customers, and there is plenty of room for people like you and me to get in on the action. Did you know that when a customer buys a product from Walmart, a different company delivers it to their doorstep? There was an opportunity there, so I asked myself what would happen if my clients became that company.”

Big Al has become convinced that owning automated stores is an excellent source of income for his clients. “Best of all, it can be very easy if they allow Real Biz Game to run it for them,” he believes. “We can set up a completely automated business for them and manage everything. The client doesn’t have to lift a finger. The result is that they have an e-commerce company with a very large pool of potential clients. It can turn into significant passive income for them.”

At Real Biz Game, Big Al continues, the team prioritizes implementing a solid foundation for every new business. “We carefully set up every e-commerce business and use our software to help our clients to choose high-performing products at Walmart. Once we accomplish this, we follow a proven business plan and optimize your automated business. That kind of organization helps our clients to typically earn a return of 10-20%.”

Big Al couldn’t imagine a better career to be in. “I feel successful everyday because I am helping others to find their way. By sharing my experience and knowledge, I can help entrepreneurs avoid the obstacles I have met over the years. With Real Biz Game’s tools, they are able to navigate the business world and emerge as even stronger, more capable leaders.”

Real Biz Game is empowering its clients to start and run their companies more efficiently and effectively. It is also an expert in setting up and managing e-commerce companies on the Walmart online space, giving its clients the ability to potentially earn passive income. For more information about Real Biz Game, including its resources for business owners and ability to run e-commerce companies, please email Big Al at al@aocmgt.com or visit:

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