/Entrepreneur and Independent Mortgage Broker Darius James Inspires People to Go After Their Dreams

Entrepreneur and Independent Mortgage Broker Darius James Inspires People to Go After Their Dreams

“When the WHY Is big enough, the HOW doesn’t matter.”

Darius James is an entrepreneur and independent mortgage broker who works to help clients reach their financial goals and face challenges head-on. He is a military veteran with eight years in the army reserves and has always been passionate about the industry. He started strategically planning his career at nineteen. Now, he inspires his clients and others who are interested in starting their own business. 

James has been involved in some of the country’s largest and most successful lenders, including Quicken Loans, Loan Depot, Caliber Home loans, and Home Point Financial. Beginning his career as a Mortgage Loan Originator for the largest lender in the country, he quickly became one of their top producers. Darius also served as Director of Business Development for Home Point Financial, where he played an integral role in acquiring new business and developing relationships.

Darius James started with the most reputable mortgage brands and corporate offices and is now the President & CEO of Porch Point Mortgage, a company that aims to be one of the largest African American-owned mortgage companies. His proven track record makes him one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry today. 

The Job of an Independent Mortgage Broker

Most people understand that buying a home is difficult. What’s even more tedious is figuring out loans and mortgages. The new year is projected to be competitive in the real estate market, and without an experienced broker, buyers could potentially find themselves in a very stressful situation. 

A mortgage broker is an expert in coordinating borrowers with lenders that best suit the client’s financial needs. Most borrowers understand the fundamental processes involved in real estate, but the details of a mortgage are much more complex and can make a world of difference financially. 

This is where having an experienced mortgage broker who knows how to navigate these scenarios comes into play. Darius James explains, “It’s important to be strategic and set the borrower up for success with their future goals in mind. An independent  mortgage broker can advise borrowers on what is best long-term, not just looking at competitive rates at the moment.” 

Darius James is dedicated to helping clients buy the home of their dreams. He is an expert in every area of the buying process, so clients never feel overwhelmed or discouraged by the process. “Stay positive and push forward and remember darkness always comes before sunshine,” James says. “This is the advice I give to my clients and fellow entrepreneurs.” Buying a house and building a business are some of the most treacherous yet rewarding moments in life. That’s why James chooses to continue inspiring others and encouraging people to go in the direction of their dreams. 

Mortgage brokers are better. Don’t trust me. Do your research. You’ll see – Darius James.

Darius James is an independent mortgage broker with ten years of experience. He helps borrowers understand which mortgages will yield positive financial outcomes. He recognizes that every client has different financial needs and assists in choosing loans that will optimize financial results for the future.

Independent Mortgage Brokers Works for the Client

Mortgage brokers are constantly working to streamline the process, utilizing the latest technology and tools available to find the right mortgage for borrowers. Not only does the client benefit from a mortgage broker’s experience, but they save themselves a lot of time, money, and energy. “It’s a more personable experience that clients can actually benefit from and learn,” James explains.

They’re experts in mortgages because that’s all they do! Independent mortgage professionals offer wholesale interest rates –  some of the lowest in the industry. They also provide technology that will allow you to apply for your mortgage anywhere and track your loan progress to closing. They’re an independent business focused on providing elite client service to the community. 

Independent mortgage professionals have your best interests in mind. They can do what banks and online lenders can’t. By shopping multiple lenders to find the best rate and product for your needs, they are able to get you to the closing table and into your dreams faster. 

For  more information email, darius@porchpointmortgage.com or call 256-427-4923