/Fair Forex founder Krissy Jones on starting businesses, finding success, and giving back in the forex boom

Fair Forex founder Krissy Jones on starting businesses, finding success, and giving back in the forex boom

Foreign exchange (forex) is a thriving industry. Not only does it overtake the stock market in volume, but with a daily volume of almost $7 trillion and a worldwide worth of $2.4 quadrillion, it is easily the largest financial market in the world. The world is in the midst of a forex boom.

Enter Krissy Jones

Experienced forex trader and entrepreneur Krissy Jones is intent on conquering this booming market. She is the founder of three successful businesses in the forex industry – Fair Forex, The Forex Library, and Options Trading. She now serves as Chairperson for all three companies and writes for the Forex Library, calling on her expertise as a trader in equities and forex to help others succeed in the industry. 

Jones loves helping others, whether it be through entrepreneurial guidance or philanthropic work. At this stage in her career, having reached a level of success she can truly be proud of, she wants to lead aspiring entrepreneurs and traders to succeed in her footsteps while using her own successes to give back to the community.

Essentials for Success as an Entrepreneur

With six companies to her name so far, Jones can accurately be described as a serial entrepreneur, a title that rarely comes without its fair share of challenges and failures. Despite the many difficulties she has faced over the course of her career, Jones has emerged wiser and more resilient. Now, she’s sharing a few keys to success in the hopes of guiding other entrepreneurs to prosperity.

Jones reminds aspiring entrepreneurs to prepare themselves to experience success and failure, as both are natural parts of building a business and growing a career. She recalls a particularly devastating incident from her forex trading days in which she blew her account and lost $120,000 in a single day. Even still, she never let herself dwell on negativity, instead choosing to regard the mistake as a positive learning tool, one that she considers to have been a crucial step in the development of her career. This could have been a crushing loss, but as Jones likes to say, “A true entrepreneur is not so easily defeated.”

She emphasizes that entrepreneurship requires total commitment and a degree of comfort with risk. To start her company, Jones sold almost everything she had. She even sold her car and walked everywhere for over a year. This investment evidently paid off; now, Jones drives a Ferrari.  

Work Hard, Play Hard, and Give Back

This is a mantra that Jones lives by. Not only does she give 110% to her forex pursuits, but in her spare time, she is a hard-working philanthropist, with interests ranging from volunteer work to sponsoring families in poverty. In England, Jones was a voluntary mentor for The Princes Trust, where she enjoyed supporting young entrepreneurs in their new business ventures. Now, as a frequent volunteer at the LA Food Bank, she has come to love the hands-on, immediate support she can provide to her community.

Despite her relentless sense of drive, Jones maintains an active social and personal life. She enjoys fashion, fitness, and spending time with her friends and family. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, three children, and dog, Taffy.

Learn more about Krissy Jones online at www.krissyjones.net. Stay up-to-date on the forex market at www.theforexlibrary.com or find a trustworthy forex broker at www.fairforex.com.