/Prio is Developing Software Solutions to Improve Communication, Organization, and Productivity at Work

Prio is Developing Software Solutions to Improve Communication, Organization, and Productivity at Work

With the pandemic forcing many Americans to work from home, maintaining productivity and communications has become more important than ever to ensure smooth continuity of service. Prio is an innovative tech company developing unique solutions to improve many aspects of work life. 

As founder and CEO Derek Abrams explains, “We felt that many of the time tracking and client management options currently on the market lacked the simplicity and utility we were looking for. With more hybrid and remote workers than ever before, we felt that it was high time for someone to give workers the tools they need to thrive in their new environments.”

Prio’s mission is to make work-life simpler and easier by creating software solutions, including free time tracking software, invoicing software, and a time clock calculator. They hope that these tools can help professional teams organize and streamline their operations.

The Prio “dream team” has worked together on many different projects over the years, but they’ve gone all-in on Prio in particular because they each felt that the app solved several problems. Their drive primarily comes from the desire to create beautiful and functional software. They enjoy the building process as much as the end product.

Prio’s Mission is to Improve Work Life

Prio’s vision of success is connecting people around the world, creating seamless communication across all business relationships. The team’s short-term goals involve building tools that enhance their own work lives and finding others in a similar situation that can benefit from their work.

Prio is the result of years of lessons learned while running a service company. Each feature built into Prio resulted from difficulty or lost profit because of a lack of organization, visibility, or communication. They knew there were thousands of companies across the globe running into the same issues, so they made their tools available to the world. Since then, they’ve continued to solve problems for their customers. 

Rethinking Remote Work

That was the first challenge Prio faced strategically. They had to prioritize which features they should build first. There are thousands of tools and features they want to build, but as they grow, they continue to stay focused on the features with the highest impact and greatest ability to assimilate into their users’ existing workflows. They take their design discipline seriously, determining the priority and context of the features presented to provide maximum benefit to workflows and to elevate the human experience of work.

Derek Abram’s Journey to Success in Software

Derek Abram’s software career began in the financial industry. He has founded several startups, including a task manager similar to TaskRabbit, a political social network, and a trading brokerage and platform. Each project presented its own challenges, and ultimately, never took off.

However, Abrams recently struck success with a software services company, Miramar Technologies. This was an important stepping stone in his journey; as he explains, “From the elite team assembled there and the vast experience gained from years in the services industry, Prio was born.”

Abrams didn’t always take the traditional route to success. “A driving factor in my journey has been a reluctance to raise money,” he says. “This was a primary factor in my previous attempts and what led me to the SaaS industry. I also learned that an app can be sustained by revenue early in its life.”

This principle has given Prio the freedom to build and develop software in alignment with their team’s values rather than the economic constraints of a venture capital firm. Over the next few years, Prio hopes to develop an ecosystem of productivity apps built around relationships, not tasks.

To learn more about Prio, visit them online at https://getprio.com/.