/With PICKLE, Sunnyside Equity Works to Eliminate Emotions from Day Trading

With PICKLE, Sunnyside Equity Works to Eliminate Emotions from Day Trading

LEHI, Utah – If we are honest, the stock market probably calls to all of us. Even with its inherent risks, we are attracted to stories of people who have found success through trading, and we secretly wonder if we could ever be fortunate enough to join them. The odds are not in our favor, with up to 90% of traders experiencing losses. The question is simple: why? The answer, of course, is far more complicated. Bookstores are packed with advice on the ins and outs of trading, and there is no shortage of seminars that claim to have the secret. If the practical information about trading is, indeed, out there for anyone to attain, what else might be behind the losses that traders experience? Sunnyside Equity Holdings, founded by Will Vigil, says that human emotions and greed are possible factors, and it has created PICKLE, its proprietary software, to aid in solving the problem.


How Emotions and Greed Can Potentially Affect a Trader’s Decisions


It has been said that every action begins with a thought. If it follows that this is true of a trader’s decisions, then how might emotions affect the ability of a trader to assess the market and decide on any action to take?


Let’s take fear as an example. It is easy to see how it factors into a trader’s psychology. While the market is doing well,  the trader is likely comfortable with their holdings and feels little pressure to make any quick decisions. However, if the market changes and the trader is threatened with losses, fear is a natural response. The trader is likely focused on the short-term, i.e., protecting their holdings now, and this can potentially lead to overreactions, including selling too soon.


Happiness, the reverse, can cross over into greed. As the market climbs and a portfolio increases, the trader can potentially ignore any warning signs in the market, focusing on the gains and electing to stay in “just a little longer” instead of getting out before a loss happens.


Not every trader is ruled by their emotions and there are other factors that lead to disappointing performances on the market, of course, but it is hard to argue that emotions and greed cannot work against the trader.


Sunnyside Equity Is Working to Help Traders to Overcome the Issue


After two years of testing, Sunnyside Equity has developed PICKLE, its proprietary day-trading platform that the company claims will help traders conduct trades without emotional bias. 


Sunnyside Equity explains, “It is very difficult to set aside your emotions when you trade, so we wanted to offer people technology to address this issue. PICKLE’s proprietary, tested algorithms and AI technology were designed to predict and mimic trades across its platform, with the goal of never falling below markers set by its system. This allows the system to sell off on gains across multiple accounts simultaneously during trading times.”


The company states that its technology has the potential to sidestep emotional decision-making because PICKLE sets its markers to buy and get out regardless of the market’s trends that day. The platform is designed to pick a stock and follow markers and then mimic that same algorithm across multiple accounts. 


“We believe that PICKLE can take two important decisions off the hands of the day trader: which stock to pick and when to sell it,” Sunnyside Equity says. “Designing PICKLE to do this for day traders, who can then sidestep their own emotions, is an important development.”


Sisalio Vongphakdy, a Sunnyside Equity client who states that he is knowledgeable in market trading, says, “I’ve been able to see returns on my investments of over 20% year by year with Sunnyside Equity. I’m privileged to be a part of the client rollout of PICKLE. It’s a really amazing system.”


What PICKLE May Mean for the Future of Day Trading


It is true that PICKLE is ultimately an AI system operated by people, so traders will always be at risk of bringing their emotions into their trades to some degree. However, Sunnyside Equity seems poised to give day traders innovative technology that has the potential to overcome the emotional influences that any human being must face when making a trade.


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