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Nora Sermez and the Mystic Jewels

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – A phantom cosmonaut drifts through time and space, contemplating his fate. A writer whispers a secret story into a glistening moonstone, locking it away for all eternity. A young goddess has a prophetic dream and stores it in a sacred diamond to preserve for future generations. A thousand years later, one of her devoted followers wears the dream in a pendant symbolized by a pensive face, surrounded by gems.

 Every piece of jewelry by Nora Sermez tells a story. What will yours be? 

Glimpses into an Artist’s Mind

Nora’s Ghost Astronaut collection offers “(Art)ifacts that unlock messages from the past, present and future” and features ethereal pieces inspired by the stars. “A being, suspended somewhere between past, present and future dimensions, planting artifacts in the mind’s subconscious and waiting lightyears for the moment they’re discovered by the poets, the artists, the writers, the creators and the singers of song existing here on Earth.”

The Goddess collection promotes the inner beauty of women everywhere and showcases Nora’s gift for selecting alternative gemstones over traditional diamonds, with options like alexandrite, salt and pepper diamonds, and teal green diamonds.

The Eden collection features a truly magnificent piece called the Cosmic Egg, meant to symbolize the gift of the female womb and the ability to create life. This can represent either the physical womb or the womb of the universe itself, symbolized by the rainbow opal at the heart of this delicate pendant. For those born without a womb, but who identify as female, this can represent the birth of new ideas and new inspiration, or their transition to a new life.

Seashells that Shimmer 

The new Ocean collection brings to mind Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”, especially the stackable gold seashell rings shimmering with a rainbow of gemstones. Aside from the main piece, the Mermaid ring, the collection features the stunning Venus ring, inspired by ancient art: “Stand proud as the inimitable Venus de Milo marble, and proclaim your inner beauty through this modest yet decadent Venus ring.”

The Ocean collection is luxurious, decadent, ethereal; but it is also designed to give back. For every purchase, Nora will donate $5 to the ocean conservancy foundation. This foundation, formed over forty years ago, works to protect vital ecosystems, defend critical legislation, enforce accountability of leaders and legislators, and focus on cleaning trash from the world’s beaches. With this collection the company continues a longstanding commitment to excellent and preserving our precious planet.

“We are pleased to offer those who love fine jewelry a collection that is designed to give back to the Earth,” says the company. “At Nora Sermez Co., our team of artisans is dedicated to imbuing our jewelry with the beauty of the oceans while still protecting them from harm. We believe the public will find our collection to be both whimsical as well as inspiring, and we have endeavored to make each piece be thoughtfully created from start to finish.”

Bold New Bridal Jewelry

As an experienced designer whose team has worked for big names like Tiffany’s and David Yurman, Nora has an expert eye for changing trends in the jewelry industry. “There was a time you walked into a mall and they all had the same jewelry designs,” says the designer, “and people were okay with cookie cutter everything, especially cookie cutter engagement rings.”

But that’s changing; according to the company, today’s women choose to express their individuality and creativity through alternative designs and alternative gemstone jewelry. A modern customer finds jewelry on Instagram or Pinterest, follows the artist, and falls in love with the design, craftsmanship, and storytelling. 

“And that’s where our small batch production comes in,” says Sermez. “Customers are able to pick unique high quality designs that are handcrafted in Scottsdale, Arizona by master jewelers, made to order and like no other ring on the planet. They know their ring will not just be found in some random corner of the world. And they know when they buy a ring from us they are supporting their local US economy, and supporting sustainably sourced material and that makes them feel good about the purchase.”

Building A Global Future

Nora Sermez believes in giving back. Her company has long utilized ethnically sourced materials and fair trade gold to make their own alloys and control the production process. Diamonds are sourced through channels that ensures that the stones are procured without conflict, and the company also works with gemstones originated from mines that actively promote socially responsible practices, have taken steps to minimize their environmental footprint, and contribute to social projects.

 Nora’s creations have been worn by celebrities such as Kacey Musgraves and Jada Pinkett Smith, and her designs have graced the pages of Vogue, Glamour, and Essence. The new Ocean collection can now be ordered online.