/RingID: An All-in-One Social Media Platform

RingID: An All-in-One Social Media Platform

RingID is a revolutionary social media platform with a massive, over 20 million person following in South Asia. It is considered an all-in-one social network experience. It includes voice and video calling, chatting and secret chatting, a popular newsfeed, media channels, multi-user interactive live, and a social marketplace with a convenient built-in wallet. All of these features make it an unmatched platform in the realm of social media today. 

The ringID Interactive Live feature provides a unique ability for users to earn and spend money within the network. Professionals like doctors, teachers, stylists, lawyers, beauticians, consultants, and countless other professionals can now offer a wide range of services to users on the Interactive Live platform. They are able to offer advice, tips, or opinions for free or charge a subscription fee for their service. There is even an option to offer direct and private consultancy using the paid calls feature. 

A similar feature, the Live Influencer/Ambassadors program, Influencers are able to create their own Virtual Storefront. The combination of the ringID Live and Marketplace features make this possible. This requires no investment on their part. Their storefront can include products from various brands that the influencer lists as favorites or promoted products during a live broadcast. 

Viewers can then interact with the broadcaster via direct voice and video calls. They just place an order for the chosen product during a live session. As promoters, broadcasters are able to offer advice and opinions on the products or otherwise promote their preferred products. They can also get rewarded for generating sales. Usually, they make commissions directly into their ringID wallet. The Live Influencer/Ambassadors program is revolutionizing the way influential bloggers make money from their fanbase. 

RingID’s Brand Promoter program allows affiliate marketing. Users can earn commission for marketing another individual or company’s products in ringID’s affiliate network or promotional pool. The user just searches for products they like, promotes them via other social networking platforms or word of mouth, and gets a commission when someone buys the product through their affiliate link. 

These ways of earning money on ringID are completely changing the game. Today, the, primarily female, broadcasters on ringID are actually earning more broadcasting than they would working a typical 9-5 job. Over 1 million users are earning a living on ringID utilizing their skills and knowledge. This is attractive to many users who see the success of broadcasters and want to try it out themselves. It also gives a certain credibility to these broadcasters who are taking time out of their lives to promote products. 

The topmost broadcaster on ringID comes from a regional district in South Asia. This broadcaster is earning between $1,000 and $5,000 USD per month from broadcasting and live streaming on ringID

The founder and CEO of RingID, Ayrin Islam, is driven by the company’s mission of building the next-generation platform for social commerce . Through ringID, everyone has the opportunity to earn money by exchanging knowledge and skills and participating in the ecosystem, where every individual has an equal and fair chance to earn. 

RingID is changing the way the world uses social media. In particular, it is changing the way influencers broadcast products and promote them to their audiences. With this safe, convenient marketplace, ringID is redefining how people shop online.