/Kaila Uli: Building Businesses, Learning Lessons, and Bringing Others Along on the Road to Success

Kaila Uli: Building Businesses, Learning Lessons, and Bringing Others Along on the Road to Success

The path of entrepreneurship has many unique benefits: many would like to be their own boss, make their own rules, and bring their own ideas to fruition. However, the business world is full of steep learning curves, complicated jargon, and other unnecessary obstacles designed to keep outsiders out. This pervasive sense of exclusivity is exactly the problem that one entrepreneur and content creator, Kaila Uli, set out to combat with her business-building TikTok account back in 2020. Now a thriving community of 185,000 followers, Uli is using her experience and expertise in business to break down these false barriers for new entrepreneurs and business owners.

Who is Kaila Uli?

Kaila Uli is an entrepreneur and popular TikTok creator with multiple businesses under her belt. Growing up with limited means in Pomona, CA, Uli knew that two of the best (and only) paths for her to make real money were sales and entrepreneurship. A fiercely independent spirit, she chose the latter and immediately set off on her entrepreneurial quest. Uli has been creating businesses since childhood.

Overcoming Struggles to Build a Strong Career

Despite her many achievements, Uli has struggled to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur throughout her career. She attributes some of this doubt to being a woman of mixed race; Uli is Dutch Indonesian. “Mixed race women and women of color are often looked down on in the business world. We are underestimated time and time again, and I’m glad to help dispel that.”

Uli is currently building a truly one-of-a-kind nail polish brand called Starseed Nails. With crystal-infused polishes for every star sign, Starseed is a unique business with a strong sense of spirituality. Despite the fact that their first products have not yet launched, the company is already successful in preorders alone. Strong early sales and mounting online buzz for Starseed bode well for the budding company’s future.

Uli also used to run a popular vintage sunglasses brand, Brillies Sunglasses, until the business was taken out by a competitor through a cyber attack. At its peak, Brillies s vintage and custom shades appeared in, Glamour, Vogue Italia, on World Heavyweight Champ Tyson Fury, Sports Illustrated models, in the Hulu documentary The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For, and were worn by Bretman Rock. After four years of building Brillies Brillie’s into a thriving business, everything came to a screeching halt when Uli woke up one morning to find over 80 cloned copies of her site. This alone brought her online traffic to a halt, but they didn’t stop there; they soon gained access to her Facebook Pixel and had her Pinterest temporarily taken down. The business is currently on an indefinite hiatus, and as of today, its future is uncertain.

Uli has learned a lot from the struggles, losses, and failures she’s faced over the years, but she never regrets them for a moment. Instead, she’s glad for the opportunity to grow and improve herself. She feels that she’s become a much stronger, smarter, and more resilient entrepreneur because of these considerable difficulties.

Uli’s Unique Approach to Business Education

Uli’s TikTok takes a non-elitist approach to business, breaking down business barriers, jargon, and other unnecessary obstacles designed to keep outsiders out. She gives advice in plain and simple English. “I create business content for non-business people. My goal is to make business-building as accessible as possible so that anyone can live their dreams.”

Starting in 2020, Uli has grown the account to 185,000 followers in just a year and a half. Since creating the account, she’s had the opportunity to work with big names in the eCommerce space. Alibaba even hired Uli for a social media post that received 5.5 million views.

Kaila Uli is Committed to Success

Uli’s everyday goal is to build successful e-commerce companies. She is currently working towards owning multiple businesses with large revenue streams, but it isn’t enough for Uli to prosper alone; she wants to bring others along on her journey to success. She hopes to become a trusted name in business education one day soon. Her dream is to eventually build and operate her own marketing agency. With Uli’s passion and commitment to her goals, she is sure to achieve far beyond her expectations.

Follow Kaila Uli for accessible business advice on TikTok (@kailauli). Check out Starseed Nails on the official website.