/Transitioning from Wrestling to Boxing

Transitioning from Wrestling to Boxing

Athletes transitioning from wrestling to boxing just might be onto something. While wrestling is all about what happens on the ground, it still shares key elements with boxing, such as imposing one’s will on an opponent. Applying submissions as a wrestler makes you instinctively aware of what your opponents are trying to do. Not only that, but becoming a wrestler imparts a level of toughness unparalleled by other sports, making it an ideal base for boxing. 

From the Mat to the Ring

Everyone knows MMA involves both grappling and striking, which is why so many cage fighters begin their careers on the mat. As is the case with MMA, the level of fitness, endurance, and stamina a wrestler possesses can go a long way in preparing them for the boxing ring. While transitioning from wrestling to MMA is obviously commonplace, there aren’t as many wrestlers going into boxing. That said, many wrestlers favor boxing over comparable martial arts since it involves keeping your feet firmly planted during a strike.

The Heart of a Fighter

The truth is, wrestling and boxing have more in common than you might think. First off, each of these sports requires extreme dedication and hard work both in and out of the ring. Either kind of athlete must push their body to the limit as they intensely train and then battle an opponent. Diet is also a key factor because, just like boxers, wrestlers must make weight before a competition. 

The Two Sports Together 

Whether you’re a fan of or an active participant in extreme contact sports, you have to be able to defend yourself in a real fight. As a wrestler on the streets, you’re likely to encounter an opponent you can’t take down, and boxing adds an invaluable line of defense to your tool belt. Knowing how to grapple and strike makes for a fearless all-around fighter, which is why wrestlers often consider going into at least one striking sport. 

Wrestling to Boxing

Another benefit to cross-training as a boxer is that wrestling fans and boxing fans are often the same people. The typical wrestling enthusiast would love nothing more than to see their favorite wrestler dominate in the boxing ring, propelling their image of the wrestler to a legendary fighter, highly accomplished in the art of beating people up.

Pro Wrestling to Boxing

You may assume we’ve been talking about “sport wrestling,” but have you watched professional wrestling lately? Pro wrestlers not only know how to hit the mat and bounce back, but a lot of these guys are cut with six-packs. Train a badass wrestler like that to box, and he’ll put a hurtin’ on his opponent. 

And what about the intimidation factor? Pro wrestlers talk a lot of trash, and for good reason. Pro wrestling enthusiasts know that there’s nothing quite as dangerous as a fighter who knows how to hit the mat without getting hurt. And that skill set translates well to the boxing ring canvas. 

Dylan Bostic

Pro wrestling sensation, Dylan Bostic, is a prime example of a wrestling superstar making the surprising yet practical transition to boxing. Anyone who’s seen Dylan knows he isn’t your stereotypical pro wrestler. Weighing in at just 205, this guy is both slender and ripped. 

At the young age of 15, Dylan was initially trained by Dan Garza. He later went on to be trained by the legendary wrestling coach, Rip Rogers. Dylan’s professional wrestling debut was in 2007, and he has won several championships throughout the United States and Canada. These days, Dylan is training to box with retired professional boxer Cedric “Ced” Johnson at CBA Promotions in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

But Dylan’s career pursuits include more than just fighting. A talented actor, Dylan recently starred in his first movie, “Pursuit of Freedom.” 

Not only is Dylan Bostic a legendary wrestler and actor, but he’s preparing to show the world he also packs a punch. Dylan is a winner, and his fans can learn a lot from his versatility and dedication. Whether you’re an amateur, a pro, or just a sports fan killin’ it in life, Dylan’s words hold true: “If you’re happy with where you are or where you’re headed, then you are successful!” 

Dylan has plenty of accomplishments to relish in, but don’t mistake that contentment for complacency! We’re excited to see what Dylan does in the next chapter as he takes on the sport of boxing.

To follow the legendary Dylan Bostic on his exciting journey from professional wrestling to boxing, follow his Instagram: Instagram.com/dylanbostic or Twitter: Twitter.com/dylan_bostic