/Reaper Robs To Franchise and Open Restaurants Across US

Reaper Robs To Franchise and Open Restaurants Across US

  • Reaper Robs, producer of gourmet small-batch vegan hot sauce, to open chain of bar and grill restaurants across the US
  • Demand for premium spices and vegan and gluten-free food options growing
  • Three new flavors coming within the next few months: “fruit-forward, innovative, and complex”

Denver, CO – Reaper Robs is moving forward with franchising its hugely popular vegan hot sauces and developing full-service bar and grill restaurants across the US.

Reaper Robs Franchising will be a hybrid of local stand-alone franchisee locations throughout North America and mobile food trucks. To promote its dedication to the changing market, Reaper Robs is also planning to introduce three new products in the upcoming months, each of which will feature exciting fruit-forward flavors, which are becoming increasingly popular.

A Rapidly Growing Market

The global hot sauce market is anticipated to grow from $2.71 billion US in 2021 to $4.38 billion US in 2028 at a CAGR of 7.1%. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price trend for sauces, condiments, spices, and seasonings has increased 10.89% in the last few years.

Part is this is due to the pandemic, which forced millions to stay at home, either in quarantine or to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. During this time, more and more people became interested in making home-cooked meals and learning new recipes, especially when their favorite restaurants were shut down.

Per Fortune Business Insights, much of the current growth, as well as future project growth, is driven by the younger population. Younger people are spending more money on spicy food products, and they are also more likely to spend money on organic and non-GMO products and show a strong trend toward health-conscious and nutritious food options. As many as 6% of Americans are vegan, a 500% increase compared to just 1% in 2014, and US retail sales of plant-based foods increased by 11% from 2018-2019.

Unique Vegan Hot Sauces

Reaper Robs creates premium small-batch hot sauces that are all vegan and gluten-free. Flavors range from extremely spicy (utilizing ghost peppers and the Carolina Reaper) to fruit-forward and flavorful to mild (such as cayenne and buffalo). Popular with customers are unique blends such as ghost pepper/blackberry/plum and habanero/peach/mango.

Founded in 2019, Reaper Robs is passionate about ingredient integrity and promises that all products are created with no additives, preservatives, cheap fillers, or binding agents. All products are KETO friendly, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and made in the USA.

New Growth and Opportunities

Award-winning executive team Scott and Charlotte George have two decades of experience in marketing and franchising. They are applying their insight and expertise toward developing a franchise model for Reaper Robs. Their concept of the combination restaurant/food truck approach would offer extended brand presence plus rapid growth with optimized margin opportunity via exclusive Reaper Robs products and dining experience. Revenue will generate from franchises and additional channels through recurring subscriptions, e-commerce, wholesale and retail channel partnerships, franchise fees, royalties, and advertising and marketing fees.

“We’re dedicated to the future growth of Reaper Robs,” says Scott George. “These new franchising opportunities will promote the success of the company and organization as a whole.”

The name “Reaper Robs”, synonymous with excellence, is now trademarked across an array of categories beyond hot sauces, so the company can move forward in the bar and restaurant arena.

“We’re always evolving,” says George. “We’re getting ready to release three exciting new products with fruit-forward flavors. They’re innovative, they’re complex; our hot sauce flavor profiles are unlike anything else on the market!”

As part of the Reaper Robs international growth strategy, a licensing partnership is being developed to maximize our footprint while minimizing traditional export costs and legal barriers. Licensing is still being contracted between copyright trademark holders, Reaper Robs, and potential partner companies, allowing the latter to use the Reaper Robs proprietary recipe formulas and flavor profiles for sale and distribution within a defined exclusive international territory, making Reaper Robs a truly unique licensing proposition. 

Franchising and investment opportunities are launching in mid-May of 2022 via the StartEngine crowdfunding platform. Contact scott@reaperrobs.com for more details.

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Charlotte George, Director – www.linkedin.com/in/charlotteegeorge
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