/BjMrclean Zeus and Gifted Stoners Help Independent Artists

BjMrclean Zeus and Gifted Stoners Help Independent Artists

As an artist, choosing to stay independent has a number of perks. One reason many artists stay independent is to maintain control of their music. However, this independence means the artist is in charge of handling everything about their career. They don’t have a major label to help with promotion, provide songs, or point them in the right direction. The artist instead has to write their own songs, advertise their brand, design their own merchandise, and everything in between. Gifted Stoners, and its founder Barion Smith, or BjMrclean Zeus, is a company that helps independent artists write songs and design merchandise. 

Keeping Autonomy While Being Part of a Team

An artist’s imagination overflows with ideas. An independent artist may have trouble juggling all these ideas and the business of the industry. Bringing the idea to fruition may be more difficult than they bargained for. 

“In talking to our independents, we have learned that many of them think that in order to be a ‘true, real artist,’ they have to do everything themselves, but this isn’t always the case,” Gifted Stoners says. “The music industry is constantly evolving, and today, an independent has the possibility of surrounding themselves with a strong, creative team that will help execute their vision while still maintaining autonomy over much of their work.”

Defining those roles and the line between independent and loss of autonomy can be tricky, the company allows. “Our independents have told us that they are looking for an architect: someone who will assemble a team to build the whole house instead of the house plus its plumbing. Having this, they say, gives them the confidence in their work that they can share the responsibility of their creations.”

How Gifted Stoners Provides the Creative Team

To provide this necessary creative team for their independent artists, Gifted Stoners takes over some of the tasks they encounter in their careers. BjMrclean Zeus, helps to write hip hop songs. He believes that in the coming years, rap is going to evolve into multiple sub genres like trap rap, conscious rap, drill rap, and alternative rap.

Gifted Stoners provides other services as well. They design one of a kind clothing for their artists. Another service they provide is helping these new rappers to stay motivated, focused, and dedicated to their craft. BjMrclean Zeus feels, “It is important that rappers find their own niche rather than just following what they see on social media.” 

“What each independent artist needs in order to thrive in their career will vary from person to person, of course, but we have found that in providing these services, they generally feel more confident,” Gifted Stoners states. “The artist can hand off some tasks to us while they focus on developing other parts of their career and on making a name for themselves in the independent world.”

BjMrclean Zeus is a Rapper Himself

BjMrclean Zeus has a strong passion for hip hop music. He himself is a rap artist with many unique songs. He got his start during his time in the military. He found himself rapping for his squadron, and then pursued a career as an independent hip hop artist. He moved from Cincinnati to California to make his dream come true. While he has had offers from major labels, he has chosen to stay independent and run Gifted Stoners. 

For more information on Gifted Stoners, and to hear BjMrclean Zeus rap, visit: https://lnkfi.re/loQEmlWd

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