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Pushing the Metaverse to the Next Level with New Frontier Presents

Technology is finicky. The current generation of technological innovators knows that better than anyone. With the emergence of the blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency, innovation has been speedy and robust. Right along with the innovators, however, comes a harsh reality for tech: the beginnings of mainstream adoption of novel ideas are rocky, to say the least. The metaverse is still young, and it’ll take true grit to push it to the next level.

Companies like New Frontier Presents are helping our culture get to that next iteration of the metaverse and crypto, and they want to be your guide into their virtual landscapes. They’ve combined decades of experience to showcase the best of what the metaverse is and what our future holds if we keep the course.

A Different Type of Metaverse Experience

New Frontier Presents was founded in 2021 by Jeff Buesing and Ryan Schuler. Over the last year, they’ve built a team that embodies the promise of crypto and the metaverse: tech, blockchain, marketing, and gaming. The forward-thinking company gives businesses the tools to create entertainment experiences within the metaverse. 

The appeal of their offer is simple: anyone who owns a brand, platform, business, or even just land can easily monetize within the New Frontier Presents metaverse by leveraging their technology. 

Odds City, a metaverse casino, is one of New Frontier Presents’ out-of-the-box ideas. The virtual casino is a multi-chain decentralized gaming ecosystem that focuses on non-fungible token (NFT) utility and the cryptocurrency Odds City Token. Users can build liquidity and utility with NFP, an ERC-20 token. Even without expensive VR or AR equipment, anyone can jump into the virtual world and play to earn. Players are not only rewarded for winning but for signing up and engaging in the first place.

The goal here is simple: create an experience that anyone can join, new or seasoned.

Building Web3 Through Bears and Bulls

Serious Web 3.0 innovators face a number of ups and downs, but it’s not a deterrent in the long run. There will always be uncertainty in the beginning, and that’s where we are with nearly all of Web3. As aptly stated in this a16z Crypto 2022 State of Crypto report:

“It’s very hard to estimate, if the trendlines continue as depicted, web3 could reach 1 billion users by 2031. In other words, you’re still early. Much remains to be done. Let’s keep building.” 

New Frontier Presents understands the realities of a young technology all too well. The shifting landscape doesn’t scare them. To survive in crypto, you must plan to be the best while preparing for the worst. 

An Exciting Present and Future for The Metaverse

There are a lot of players entering the metaverse space, but New Frontier Presents keeps their focus on building the best experiences they can offer. The team continues to explore new ways to improve its features for businesses, whether through Odds City or a roadmap rife with exciting developments

With many ambitious goals comes careful and strategic planning. Jeff Buesing says, “It is our goal to align with strategic partners who are forward-thinking, high integrity, customer-centric, and looking for innovative ways to expand their footprint.”

Building a new future of tech isn’t for the faint of heart. Even at this early stage, New Frontier Presents gives us a small taste of what’s to come, and we can’t wait to see the complete picture.

About Jeff Buesing and New Frontier Presents

New Frontier Presents is a tech-first team with decades of experience in what matters most to web3 – gaming, marketing, blockchain, and tech. Within the metaverse, they aim to transform and push the crypto industry forward. You can read more in their whitepaper.Jeff Buesing is an entrepreneur and digital decision-maker who is passionate about all things blockchain. Find Jeff on Twitter discussing virtual worlds, non-fungible tokens, defi gaming, and cryptocurrency.