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Graphic Artist Emily Kalina: Making Art in a Modern Way

Technology may never catch up to or overtake human creativity and style when it comes to making art, but it can certainly augment it. According to celebrated graphic artist Emily Kalina, technological advancements in the digital art space are allowing human artists to achieve results never before possible with greater precision, flexibility, and convenience than almost any other medium offers. Though some obstinate purists are hesitant to welcome the digital art revolution, this incredible tech is already redefining the styles and careers of many artists across the globe, giving them greater access to tools and materials, enabling them to transform and market the final product, and allowing them to work with more freedom than many have ever experienced. 

Emily Kalina is a one-of-a-kind artist that has fully embraced the digital age of art. New tech has completely reshaped almost every aspect of her career, from her creative process to her business model. 

Technology gives artists control over many aspects of their craft and career.

“With just my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I have access to unlimited brushes and tools, including the most important tool of all: the eraser,” she chuckles. “I can refine my art to perfection, never compromising or cutting corners. I never run out of paint or canvases, I never have to buy new brushes; everything I need is right at my fingertips. Best of all, I can work when and where I want, which is especially important when you’re working with a disability.” 

Unlike many traditional paths in art, the digital medium gives artists the opportunity to take direct control over the sale and distribution of their own work. Instead of selling the sole copy of a physical work to a single buyer, digital art opens the door for any customer to own a true and authentic version of the work. For artists with significant popular appeal – such as Kalina – this can be a great way to make a living and build a dedicated audience.

Because the finished products are print-ready digital files, Kalina can sell her works directly to customers. “In fact,” she explains, “that part of the business is almost entirely automated.” Once a new artwork is uploaded to Kalina’s website, customers can order prints on a wide range of surfaces, from standard photo paper to mugs, blankets, T-shirts, and more. These items are printed on demand and shipped directly to the customer, with very little input or effort required on Kalina’s part. “It’s just another way that technology is changing the game and making things easier and simpler for everyone, including artists and their customers,” she says.

Kalina’s work aims to capture the simple beauty of the world.

Kalina’s style varies from piece to piece (and subject to subject), ranging from a soft realism to striking impressionism. You can feel Kalina’s distinct personality in her works, which often feature an aura of peace, tranquility, and quiet beauty. Idyllic natural scenes, sunrises and sunsets, boats at rest on the sea, old tractors and cars rusting in the grass, delicate renderings of city streets; her paintings call attention to the simple beauties of the world, creating a pleasant and calm atmosphere that you never want to leave.

The unique combination of human creativity and technological capability is part of what makes Emily Kalina’s work so unique. Kalina uses technological tools to realize her singular vision, giving life to the beautiful scenes that she envisions. Her work affords viewers the opportunity to see the world through her eyes, with the same sense of hope and wonder that she captures so well.

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