/Actor and Producer Jason Abrams: Looking Back on the Start of a Successful Career in Entertainment

Actor and Producer Jason Abrams: Looking Back on the Start of a Successful Career in Entertainment

The future is bright for actor and producer Jason Abrams, who started his career as an extra in the 2007 Steven Spielberg blockbuster, The War of the Worlds. He has known that he wanted to act ever since he was a boy; seeing himself on the big screen next to Tom Cruise gave him the confidence boost he needed to dive deeper into his career. He recalls the feeling of seeing his face on the poster next to the Hollywood superstar: “It’s such a surreal feeling. It was something I always hoped I’d see, but never really thought would happen.” 

From New York to Hollywood

Born in upstate New York, Abrams has loved entertaining people since childhood. He describes his family as a “musical family,” so it must have made them proud when he started his own DJ business as a teenager. It was a modestly successful venture that ran for 14 years, and it remains a point of pride for Abrams. “I loved doing DJ work,” he recalls. “The energy, the creativity, the rush, the experience of being there and feeling the music and pumping up a crowd – it’s such an incredible atmosphere to work in.”

From small roles on shows like Mad Men, The Sopranos, and Law & Order SVU to a major role in the 2019 film Night Sweats, Jason Abrams is laying the foundations for a long and successful career in the entertainment industry.

Living the Dream

Abrams has made some incredible memories over the course of his acting career. Working in revered productions, getting to meet huge stars, and seeing his face on the big and small screen have been some of the most profound and memorable experiences of his life. “It’s been so fulfilling despite all of the challenges, the long hours, the hard work, the modest recognition – in the end, it’s all worth it just to see your face on the poster or your name scrolling by in the credits.” Creating and maintaining a steady career in the film industry is hard work, but there’s always room for dedicated performers and entertainers.

Abrams’ First Production

Produced in association with Abrams’ Brooklyn-based production company, Time Will Tell Productions, Night Sweats (2019) tells the heart-pounding story of a skateboarder investigating the mysterious death of his roommate. As he gets closer to the truth, he is drawn into the sinister inner workings of a self-help company and the mysterious pharmaceutical lab behind it. The film, which was based on a true story, is both nightmarish and frighteningly real. Billed as a “pharmaceutical thriller,” it has received praise from viewers for its pacing, suspense, and performances.

Social Media is a New Avenue for Creativity

Instagram and Youtube are great avenues for creative-minded people to share their stories and connect with a diverse community of users. Abrams uses these platforms to share his short films and reach new audiences. Though he enjoys the creative freedom of making his own content, he is excited to start exploring new opportunities in film and TV. He’s always on the lookout for the next great role or the next great story. According to Abrams, “That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day: telling a great story. I love entertaining people, showing them something that’s larger than reality but still honest and true.” With such a palpable passion for the art of filmmaking, Abrams has a long and fulfilling career ahead of him.

Learn more about Jason Abrams and Night Sweats on IMDb. Visit Jason Abrams’ official website at https://thejasonabrams.com/. Follow him on Instagram (@jasonabramsnyc) and YouTube.