/How a Beverly Hills Agent Wants to Transform the Luxury Home Market in Minneapolis

How a Beverly Hills Agent Wants to Transform the Luxury Home Market in Minneapolis

Nothing has better word-of-mouth value than luxury goods. In the same breath, nothing proves word-of-mouth doesn’t work the same way as it used to than luxury real estate. Any real estate agent will tell you that selling a high-end luxury home can be a nightmare at best. The hard part isn’t proving the worth – that’s usually plain to see. It’s getting the right people (with the right money) to see it and fall in love. 

As with all luxury goods, high-end luxury real estate seems like it should sell itself. That’s not the case. When large homes do sell, it’s because of hard work from savvy realtors and marketers. 

Successful real estate agents understand that marketing isn’t just a pretty photo on a page in the digital era. Homes sell because of a solid strategy, and that’s ultimately the difference between success and failure. Agents like Jason Peteler and his team are the minds behind the sale of many of the high-end luxury homes in Los Angeles, and they found the delicate balance that makes a luxury home stand out for the right people. They excelled with high-end deals in L.A., and now he’s set his sights on Minneapolis. 

What sells expensive houses? Marketing, of course. But also outstanding real estate agents.

The Luxury Difference

Jason Peteler, a skilled Realtor, has based his career on understanding and implementing techniques that work to sell luxury homes. He gained experience serving as marketing director for high-end brokerages before getting his real estate license, putting him in a unique position in real estate. To add to the bevy of expertise, Jason has helped manage marketing campaigns and real estate services for several $20,000,000+ properties. 

High prices don’t scare Jason or his team. He manages to pull through and close deals in a niche that most agents avoid. How does he do it? One key is understanding the industry. The other key is digital marketing.

How Digital Marketing Helped Jason Succeed

A native of the Los Angeles area, Jason decided recently to bring his services to his college state: Minnesota. That’s where he received a degree in Marketing and Communications and took his first steps toward business success, and it’s where he wants to continue selling luxury homes with his L.A. broker, Revel Real Estate. 

The methods of Revel Real Estate left a solid reputation back in California. In 2016, the Revel Real Estate team sold Rihanna’s Pacific Palisades home for $11,175,000. They also represented the buyer for 942 Bel Air, a deal that netted $94,000,000. With high-profile real estate transactions under their belt, the team not only brings proven skill to Minnesota but a deep understanding of what motivates people to buy a home.

“Marketing is key in this business,” says Jason. “The future of our industry will be heavily digital and transition into the tech space.” With that background experience, the Revel Real Estate team has managed to garner over $3,000,000,000 in deals and is behind the sales of some of the most prominent homes in Los Angeles. Their cutting-edge marketing plans and customer service are crafted for each client for a customized feel, and they’re excited to help transform Minnesota’s real estate scene.

Taking High-end Luxury Property Sales and Marketing Digital

With the launch of a brand new website, Jason Peteler and his team plan to keep delving into what makes people buy now. 

The fresh start is symbolic. They’re preparing to move towards a more digital space and bringing their Beverly Hills-level services to the Mid-west. That means showcasing the same business acumen and know-how that got him to the top of his field in Los Angeles and continues to aid him in every real estate endeavor. That sense of marketing intuition is how Jason Peteler has come to work with clients such as Rihanna, Skrillex, and Tyga.

There’s a lot to learn from the many successes of Revel Real Estate, but also their failures. 

Jason Peteler is Ready to Transform Minnesota

A new luxury market means new homes to figure out, but Jason’s up for the job. 

“I’m typically tasked with selling luxury homes that didn’t sell with prior agents,” Jason remarks. “I would have to relaunch properties with new strategic marketing ideas.” On top of his extensive marketing background, being quick on his feet was the next best lesson he needed to learn to market homes successfully and close more deals. 

In the real estate business, no matter the state of the market, learning to deal with rejection and failures is vital. A good real estate team knows to take what they can in stride.

Jason plans on being a new force to reckon with in Minneapolis, and he has the track record to prove it’s possible. 

About Jason Peteler

Jason Peteler recently moved to Minneapolis and looks forward to bringing his years of high-end marketing to Luxury Real Estate in the Midwest. His background includes being the former West Coast Marketing Director of Nest Seekers, Marketing Director for Rodeo Realty’s 12 offices across Los Angeles, and serving as the Marketing Director for 24 Keller Williams Offices. 

Jason Peteler has successfully marketed over $500 million in real estate sales in 2014 alone. Jason also enjoys spending time appreciating all the different restaurants the city has to offer and walking his two rescue dogs, Candy and Sadie.

You can find Jason on his website or on Instagram