/Clients Develop More Stable Retirement Strategies with Bear Market Financial Services

Clients Develop More Stable Retirement Strategies with Bear Market Financial Services

The financial market can be difficult for average Americans to traverse. There are many variables to consider whether it’s understanding the terminology, figuring out if and why they should invest, or trying to grasp the impact any changes might have on them. For those considering or about to step into retirement, these variables can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement or a financial nightmare. Bear Market Financial Service wants to work with clients to help them navigate this difficult, confusing landscape and confidently build a strong retirement strategy.

As of June 13, 2022, the market recently took a 21.8% downturn. Though these sort of changes aren’t unknown nor are they permanent, this means that current and prospective retirees might still face financial hardship. The natural course of action then would be to stay in or return to the workforce until everything returns to normal. However, there are those who don’t wish to do so or are even able to. Bear Market Financial Services, a Minnesota based retirement firm, is stepping in to address these concerns with their clients. Owner and CEO Curtis James is offering a no-cost, no-obligation 60 minute retirement consultation to understand where clients are in their retirement stage, evaluate what their current strategy is, and discuss long-term retirement goals and objectives.

This process helps answer some of the most pressing questions when it comes to retirement such as:

  • Will we have enough money to retire?
  • How do we keep our money protected from the downturns in the market?
  • Can we create a retirement income that we won’t be able to outlive?
  • How do I make sure we’re protected against inflation and rising health care costs?
  • Are we paying too much in fees on our retirement accounts?

By addressing these concerns, Bear Market Financial Services helps clients protect their hard-earned nest eggs and gives them direction on how to begin or fortify their plans for retirement.

The company was founded in 2021 by James, who wanted to prevent others from facing the same financial crisis as his parents. “I got into financial services because of my parents,” says James. “They were set to retire at arguably the worst financial period in our country’s history back in 2007. In 213 days, my parents lost 54% of their retirement nest egg, and on Monday, October 13, my dad was forced to go back to work. I saw firsthand the damage that poorly executed retirement planning can do to a family. What was supposed to be the happiest years of my parent’s lives quickly became their biggest nightmare.”

James has over a decade of experience within the financial service industry and uses his knowledge to help steer clients in the direction of financial services. He currently meets with 3-5 families a day, six days a week, to better understand their needs and concerns.

While these are unprecedented and uncertain times, Bear Market Financial Services wants to build their clients’ confidence and also spread valuable knowledge to the greater Minneapolis area. The company hosts live educational events about the current retirement landscape. Six have already been prepared for the month of June, but Bear Market Financial Services holds these events every two weeks with over 60 lined up for 2022.Bear Market Financial Services, LLC is an independent financial service company based in Minnesota. CEO and President Curtis James has over ten years of experience within the financial industry and is a licensed insurance producer. To learn more about Bear Market Financial Services, please visit https://www.bearmarketfs.com/.