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DevTeam.Space Positioned for the Rise in Remote Software Tools

Even before lockdown orders went into effect amidst the pandemic, the remote software development industry was rapidly growing. More and more companies were hiring remote developers to build their products – from individual freelance software developers to whole teams. 

Alexey Semeney, Founder and CEO of DevTeam.Space foresaw this trend and optimized its position to offer a vetted community of expert development teams supported by an AI-powered agile process. 

Mr. Semeney is an expert in hiring talent, team and project management, and inbound marketing.  “We enable clients to hire and manage a team of expert developers effortlessly,” Semeney explains. “DevTeam.Space offers teams of highly skilled web and mobile developers, blockchain developers, data engineers, and other specialists.” 

Multinational companies such as Disney, Airbus, NEC, as well as growing startup companies rely on DevTeam.Space to build exceptional online products. DevTeam.Space’s mission is to help organizations evolve and expand during this critical time of technological growth within every industry. 

Together with his team, Alexey Semeney created the product development process being used by businesses across the world to build great software products. This process enables businesses to hire expert developers at DevTeam.Space, and then get assistance in their management with its AI-powered agile process. 

“We have streamlined every aspect of the software development process to deliver outcomes that add intrinsic value to the business,” Semeney states. To avoid pitfalls and ensure the success of your project, DevTeam.Space has outlined the details of the process here.  

Remote Work Trends 

The lockdown finally provided that push executives needed to trust remote developers with daily operations. Startups and new specialized business tools such Slack and Zoom have enabled businesses to continue during the pandemic, proving that companies can efficiently complete day-to-day initiatives without meeting face to face, ultimately saving time and money on office space and commute. 

Needless to say, this has sparked tremendous growth in the remote software development industry. Trends show that more and more CEOs are upgrading their business products and applying a remote-first approach.“Even at DevTeam.Space, we have scaled over two times during the pandemic,” Semeney states. “The shift will likely be permanent, even after the risk of the pandemic declines.” After building 150 projects and collaborating with small and large businesses, DevTeam.Space believes they have valuable insight into the future of remote developers’ hiring, project management, and artificial intelligence. 

Advice from an Entrepreneur Building a Brand

DevTeam.Space has faced their share of challenges within the industry. According to Alexey Semeney, “The software development market is saturated, but there are very few high-quality players, so it’s a good game of building a brand through delivering great results. For DevTeam.Space that means helping more businesses build great online products.”

Alexey Semeney’s advice for other entrepreneurs is to learn as much as possible about remote team management and use it to your advantage. “Hiring remotely has its pros and cons, but if applied to your business and situation correctly, will help you grow in ways that weren’t possible before,” Semeney states.

“Have both a grand vision and a short-term down-to-earth goal. Then focus on doing your best with customer service and marketing. If you do your best, then you’ll arrive in the right spot pretty soon. If things don’t work out, then at least you’ll learn a ton and will be ready to pivot or to go on to a new journey. Either way, it’s a win. And remember to have fun. It’s not just about the money. It’s much more about having fun and genuinely helping people around you. Making money is just the way to have more fun and help even more people. That’s it.”For more information, visit: AI-Powered Agile Software Development Platform (devteam. space)