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Maui X Lolita Brings Fly Girl Style to the World’s Hottest Runways

Maui X Lolita (MXL) is about to show off its sleek styles, bright patterns, easy to wear playsets, and swoon-worthy swimsuits to the world.

MXL will be showing at New York Fashion Week, Harlem Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. This mother/daughter team started their company in 2020, utilizing Lolita’s two decades of experience in fashion and design. Her daughter Maui is along for the new venture, and from their midtown Manhattan headquarters, the team designs and produces stunning looks designed for today’s fearless fashionista.

“MXL strives to make a difference in the fashion world,” says Lolita. “In a world of fast fashion, we are different. Creating bold designs for fly girls is not only our motto, but a statement we live by. Each of our pieces are made for the person who dares to be different from the crowd, and for the ones who refuse to be told what to do and what to wear. Our items are made in small batches so the odds of seeing someone wearing the exact thing as you are slim to none.”

Each edition is limited to approximately twenty pieces per style, ensuring the highest quality and offering customers a chance to own something as unique as they are. MXL offers a variety of styles, patterns, and colors and everything is hand-made. This creates a fashion experience seldom seen in today’s over-saturated market of cheap mass-produced products that lack the personal touch. Not surprisingly, the mother and daughter team is working overtime to ensure that they’re showcasing their freshest new styles at the upcoming fashion weeks.

“We are so excited to present our brand at New York Fashion Week,” says Lolita. “NYFW and Harlem Fashion Week are so iconic. We have worked very hard to get to this point and we’re becoming a name in New York now. We can’t wait to showcase our designs at these huge fashion events.”

New York Fashion Week is held every year in February and September. During this week to nine days, fashion buyers, the press, and the public are treated to a showcase of fashion collections from designers across the globe. NYFW is one of four major fashion weeks in the world; the others are Paris, London, and Milan.

Paris Fashion Week is another of the “Big 4”, as the major fashion weeks are called, and holds two yearly events: one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. The history of Paris Fashion Week starts back in 1945 but the first original event was held in 1973. Each year the event is held at select locations throughout Paris.

Harlem Fashion Week is a more exclusive event in New York City and is dedicated to support the Harlem community and promote diversity in fashion. In 2022 the theme is “Capturing the Black Experience in Fashion”, making it the perfect time for talented designers of color like Maui X Lolita to be featured.

Maui X Lolita would like its clients to be a part of the designing process in the future and plans to offer custom options on select pieces. “We’d love to see what our customers would choose for themselves if given the option,” Lolita says. “We’d like to implement this with our brand at some point.”

Until then, the team at MXL continues to brainstorm the hottest designs using high quality and high impact fabrics for the most eye-catching outfits. Both Lolita and Maui describe fashion design as art and think of themselves as artists – and looking at their work, no one can argue with that. The combination of fun, easygoing fashion and gorgeous patterns is iconic.

“Each artist has something unique and beautiful to share with the world,” Lolita shares. “Seeing a stranger wearing your artwork is an indescribable feeling. The ultimate success is being able to create something that is appreciated by your intended audience and being able to grow and sustain a livelihood from these creations.”

MXL designs will be shown in New York and Paris in the fall of 2022.



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