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Solve My Sales Tax: Easing the Stress of Sales Tax Complexity

Sales tax, that extra 8.25% (depending on where you live or shop) that gets tacked on to your purchase total, is not just the bane of every shopper’s experience – companies find it tricky to understand, too. With over 12,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States, how much extra gets paid by the buyer and ultimately reported to the government is difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to handle. Charli Harrell, the CEO and Founder of Solve My Sales Tax, LLC, understands. A self-described sales-tax nerd, she and her team of five dedicated specialists are serving SaaS and eCommerce businesses by helping them navigate the complexities of sales tax compliance, all while staying sane.

“It’s funny how something that is taken for granted in American society is the source of tremendous frustration for companies,” Charli says. “Since launching in early 2022 and helping businesses with compliance, consulting, the creation of sales tax systems, and more, we have grown very quickly. There is a real need for one centralized location where companies can find experts who just get sales tax and can make it easy for them.”

Easy is relative, of course, but Charli assures her clients that sales tax really can be made simple. She has designed her company’s services to address the most common issues and questions that businesses have.

“Our Nexus Analysis has been very useful for many clients who would like to know where they have triggered sales tax nexus,” she explains. “It lets companies analyze their sales data and business activity. We also register businesses for sales tax in the necessary jurisdictions – remember, there are thousands, so this is very useful. We are skilled at setting up an entire streamlined system with the software of our clients’ choice that connects to their POS system and simplifies/automates sales tax compliance. All of these services eliminate headaches and allow business owners to focus their brain power on other issues, which they definitely love being able to do.”

Solve My Sales Tax also handles the filing of sales tax returns and welcomes all questions on sales tax. One of the most common they get is on Notice Management. Charli says that this is typically a demand letter from a state that claims the company owes sales tax for certain reasons. 

“We enjoy helping in these situations because most of the time, we can legally reduce the amount of sales tax they owe,” she states. “It’s all part of the services we offer, which is making life at the office a lot simpler.”

While Solve My Sales Tax’s suite of services has grown popular, Charli reveals that it’s the company’s simple price structure that clients most appreciate. With one simple monthly price, clients can turn their sales tax dilemmas over to Charli and her team and focus on running their businesses.

“Most accounting firms bill hourly for this type of work,” she says. “That is traditionally how it’s been done, but the problem is that the client isn’t able to budget how many billable hours they will receive an invoice for. We decided to make it much easier for our clients and give them one price for our all-inclusive sales tax compliance services.”

Solve My Sales Tax offers several convenient price structures, one of which is geared towards smaller businesses. For example, if a client needs sales tax filings in three states and does not use a sales tax software, Solve My Sales Tax would charge $375 for three filings and $400 for two hours of consulting each month, and it would include free Notice Management and Monthly Nexus Analysis, for a total of $775/month. Charli says this incorporation of simplicity into its business structure is why Solve My Sales Tax is growing.

The new price offering has the potential to help small-to-medium-sized businesses to save on their sales tax compliance. According to Avalara, currently the world’s largest sales tax software company, small emerging businesses spend around $11k per month on sales tax compliance while small-to-mid-sized businesses spend about $17k. Charli reveals that her clients on average spend roughly half of this amount when utilizing Solve My Sales Tax plus sales tax automation software.  

“It shows that outsourcing sales tax has the potential to bring down costs compared to doing it in house,” says Charli. “If the average sales tax accountant for a corporation makes $75k annually, outsourcing it is roughly half of that price, and it is still done by a team of professionals who are highly skilled in this field.”

She has seen a big demand for her company’s help, with clients coming from abroad and within the United States. “We work remotely and have the capability to help anyone from around the world,” she states. “Our clients are basically split between international companies that are selling into the United States, those that are U.S.-based, and those that are accounting firms that don’t offer full service sales tax, so they send it to us on a white-label basis. We’re happy that we are able to help such a diverse array of clients.”

As Solve My Sales Tax fills a niche across multiple industries, Charli invites more businesses to give them a call. “No question is too small to ask us,” she assures. “We exist because we really do like to solve sales tax. When you talk to us, you will know you have found the one company that can help you with everything related to sales tax.”

Solve My Sales Tax, founded by CEO Charli Harrell, is helping businesses to navigate the complexities of sales tax in the United States. It specializes in nexus analysis, state registrations, state filings, creation and implementation of streamlined sales tax systems, product taxability determination, notice management and resolution, general sales tax consulting, sales tax for merging and splitting businesses, sales tax audit support, and more.
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