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Shalwin Properties Expands Across Texas, Offers Free Masterclass in Real Estate Investing

As economic turmoil and inflation continues, Shalwin Properties, led by its Co-founders Dr. Ronnie Shalev and Ben Winski, continues to expand its portfolio of apartments. The company has recently acquired two apartment complexes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which in 2021 was ranked as one of the fastest growing metro areas in the US for overall population growth. As Shalwin Properties grows across Texas, Dr. Shalev talked to us about acquiring properties in a recession, the road to the company’s success, and about her plans for helping more investors hedge against inflation and build their wealth through real estate investing.

Shalwin Properties’ mission is to help busy professionals create wealth and reclaim their time and their life with passive income.” Dr. Shalev says. “ I was a practicing ER doctor for 16 years who was trapped by the golden handcuffs:  a high paying job, no other income sources,  and very unhappy. I couldn’t leave the job because we needed the money and didn’t have any other income streams. I eventually decided to try something different and looked into real estate.”

Not one to jump into new opportunities quickly, Dr. Shalev spent a lot of time researching the ins and outs of real estate and eventually decided to invest in a syndication. Syndications are ways investors can pool their funds to purchase large assets.

“When we made money on that first syndication, we decided to try it again. After 8 years of successfully investing in syndications, I was able to earn enough passive income to leave the ER behind,” she remembers. “Yes, it’s true that there are no guarantees in any type of investment, and you should run from anyone who says otherwise. Still, I could see a lot of potential in investing in real estate syndications, so I continued educating myself about them, learning everything I could, and co-founded Shalwin Properties with my husband.”

In only twelve months, her company acquired $178M in assets and became general partners in 1,330 apartment units.

“We scaled up quickly but strategically,” she explains. “We had a vision of the kinds of multifamily properties that Shalwin Properties would offer investors, and we went out and found the right opportunities to fit that vision.”

Dr. Shalev reveals that  Shalwin Properties invests in growth markets in the sunbelt states, where there is an apartment supply and demand imbalance due to in-migration and job growth.

“Many people don’t understand what a syndication is or why investing in apartments, especially in an inflationary environment, can be a fantastic investment. It has always frustrated me that there is so much misinformation on the internet about passive investments,” she says. “There are a lot of people of all backgrounds who are seeing the potential benefits of investing in multifamily properties, yet they are not sure what to believe. They have to sift through what they hear and try to filter out what is true and what is not.”

With that in mind, Dr. Shalev has created a free masterclass for beginner real estate investors. “It’s easy to listen to in less than half an hour, and it’s free of all the jargon that can trip people up sometimes,” she states. “It covers a lot of the common questions, including the risks of investing and some must-know details about multifamily property investments.”

She invites anyone who is considering investing in real estate to check out the masterclass. “It is completely free and packed with information that can help you decide,” she says. “Remember: good decisions are made when you have access to reliable information. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to us at Shalwin Properties. Our door is always open, and we are passionate about helping you understand the world of passive real estate investing.”

Shalwin Properties, whose mission is to give its clients financial freedom with passive income, was started by Dr. Ronnie Shalev, a board-certified ER physician turned real estate investor, and her husband, Ben Winski. Their mission is to help more professionals live life on their own terms through passive investments in multifamily properties. 

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