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LeadLocate Recognized as the Best Automotive Lead Generation Provider

LOS ANGELES, California – LeadLocate is an all-in-one automotive lead generation software and CRM platform. Generating in-market sales leads and providing car dealers with all the tools necessary to sell more cars, LeadLocate works with both individual salespeople and entire dealerships regardless of size or budget.

The sales lead generation software utilizes an all-in-one digital marketing platform that includes both live sales leads and CRM tools under one login. With LeadLocate, you can generate your own sales leads and manage all of your communications in one place without relying on multiple platforms. Using proprietary technology like DealTracker, TxtNotify, and LiveShopper, LeadLocate can deliver unparalleled sales results for your team in a fraction of the time required by traditional marketing efforts. 

By providing inbound leads, LeadLocate helps you find local in-market car shoppers that are interested in finding a car and could afford monthly payments. It uses customer data to identify what kind of vehicle shoppers are looking for and are not VIN-specific. LeadLocate also collects client contact information for every inbound lead and asks detailed pre-screening questions to focus on serious buyers. 

As car sales can be incredibly challenging without a decent supply of leads to contact. LeadLocate’s inbound leads are perfect options for car sales professionals who are looking to supplement their existing leads pipeline. Every inbound lead will include the prospective buyer name, contact info, car preferences, and other helpful information to take out the busywork and get you closing deals quickly.

LeadLocate also offers services for finding prospecting leads, which is perfect for salespeople and dealerships that have strong trade-in and acquisition programs. Prospecting leads account includes everything you need to prospect for people looking to sell, trade, or upgrade their current vehicle. This plan is particularly effective if your store has a trade-in program or likes to acquire private vehicles from the general public. LeadLocate will target your local 20-50 mile radius for people selling their vehicles online and allow you to prequalify them with just a couple of clicks. People who are interested in doing business with our dealership will then call, text, or email back, asking for more information on how you can assist them.

LeadLocate is a multi-purpose automotive lead generation software and CRM platform that caters to auto dealers but is expanding to include boat and RV sales. LeadLocate is one of a few companies that does not require long-term contracts or integration with the current software at the dealership. The company is growing exponentially and hoping to dominate the automotive software space as the consumer car buying process is transformed in the age of e-commerce

LeadLocate was founded in 2016 with the goal of simplifying the car sales lead generation process for individual car salespeople and dealerships. The traditional automotive lead generation process includes implementing multiple advertising sources, CRM software, DMS software, and many other elements that make the process cumbersome and difficult to manage. With LeadLocate, you can sign up today and start receiving quality car sales leads within 24-48 hours. We provide you will all the software and marketing in one platform. All you have to do is talk to potential buyers.
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