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Content Creators Announce Product Line Update for the Holidays

Malden, MA–

UNIQU, a gadget and lighting company, is pleased to announce the release of their newest product– a Creator Bundle– for the holiday season. The company, which has previously sold devices meant to streamline creation processes for their customers, intends to use the Creator Bundle to further the UNIQU mission of making photo and video production more efficient.

Zara Ghaith and Odday Aboutrabbi had backgrounds in banking and finance but a passion for content creation. Once they discovered that the job required lugging around a huge camera and microphone rig, they designed a brand to make simpler gadgets, called UNIQU. Now, the company announces its upcoming product– Creator Bundle.

“The bundle was released before the holiday season,” claims Ghaith, “since many content creators look for and are gifted new gear this time of the year.”

UNIQU was started with the idea in mind that one doesn’t need pricey tools to shoot worthy content, just the right ones that work well. After all, many creators today need nothing but their smartphone cameras to gain massive attention and show off their talent. The UNIQU brand relies on this, as many of its products are phone-centered.

One of the most popular UNIQU items that will be found in the Creator Bundle is the UNIQU Lighting Kit. This kit holds your phone like a selfie stick but with a couple of twists. UNIQU has designed theirs also to provide its own lighting and act as a bendable tripod. A LED light is attached to the end of the metal stick, which can bend in many directions. At the base of the stick is a stand, allowing users to set the phone down while they record. Also in the bundle is a UNIQU Bag, Wireless Microphone compatible with a phone, two Photography Boards with a bracket, and a Clip-on-Light. UNIQU explains that professional and novice producers are meant to find the bundle gadgets helpful for filming inside and outside when lighting is low or the day is cloudy. 

“We are a brand founded by content creators for content creators. We have first-hand experience with the challenges of being a content creator, and the goal of this bundle is to overcome these challenges,” claim the two founders, on a mission to help.

And they have. Since its creation, creators, bloggers, influencers, and social media enthusiasts worldwide have looked to UNIQU’s unique devices to help them better their media. The UNIQU Instagram has blown up with gratitude and support, with hundreds of influencers speaking highly of the brand.

“We started UNIQU after realizing how strenuous the recording process could be, especially for beginners. The gadgets inside the Creator Bundle are meant to suit recording needs of any kind,” claims Ghaith, “We’re so grateful for our shoppers, we hope that this will prove to be the perfect holiday gift for creators of every kind.”

UNIQU was founded in March of 2021. Along with the listed products, UNIQU has proven to be a trailblazer in helping fix more content creator crises with products like a Microphone Set, Multicolor RGB Fill Light, and more. Products range from $40 for a LED light to $2100 for an entire photo booth, the brand carrying everything a new or seasoned creator could need.

To learn more, visit the UNIQU website or follow them on Instagram