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Metro Care Human Services: Independent Living for the Disabled in Minneapolis/St. Paul

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota–Adults in the Twin Cities who have disabilities and would like to live on their own have a new option for independent housing: Metro Care Human Services. The company, founded by Arnold Kubei, has announced it will be offering 28 more beds by the spring of 2023, for a total of 93. Metro Care Human Services will also be operating an Intensive Residential Treatment facility in addition to its other programs, which include mental health counseling, intervention, case management, advocacy, rehabilitation, relocation, and Moving Home Minnesota (MHM) assistance.

Metro Care Human Services is well-known in Minneapolis/St. Paul for its work to relocate eligible nursing home residents to new housing. Now, by providing minimal support to individuals with disabilities who would like to live independently in their own apartment, the organization is helping to solve one of the biggest problems they face: affordable housing.

“In the Twin Cities, the average monthly rent of a 1-bedroom unit plus utilities is $725, and shared living for a 2-bedroom unit plus utilities is between $550-$600 per person. This represents a large percentage of our clients’ budgets,” says Kubei. “With so many adults with disabilities unable to afford market rates, we decided to expand our program and do what we can to assist them. We expect that by helping them to live on their own, they will feel more connected to their community, which in turn will increase both their self-confidence and self-reliance.”

The expansion is ongoing, with work targeted for completion in the spring of 2023. As beds become available, Metro Care Human Services will reach out to nursing homes, housing facilities, and government agencies to identify potential clients. The organization’s staff will assist individuals with relocating into the apartments. Metro Care Human Services also plans to open an Intensive Residential Treatment facility to transition individuals into the community. 

Kubei invites anyone who is interested in Metro Care Human Services’ programs to contact the organization at 651-528-7141. “We have a friendly staff who speak many languages, including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hmong, and Somali,” he says. “We will explain your options to you and help you understand how you can begin your own journey to holistic healing and reclaim your life and independence.”

Metro Care Human Services was founded by Arnold Kubei, an asylee from Cameroon who is strengthening social services and housing for nursing home residents, people with disabilities, and former prisoners in the Twin Cities. Kubei uses his own story of personal rebirth to inspire his clients, as he went bankrupt and lost everything when the gas storage tank at the station he owned was discovered to be leaking. Understanding that failure is only temporary, Kubei persevered, working as a security counselor and for the City of Minneapolis before incorporating Metro Care Human Services, which supports hard-to-house people as they transition into new homes.

For information about Metro Care Human Services, including its new program for adults with disabilities, please see the organization’s website or contact:

Metro Care Human Services


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