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Richburg Enterprises Lets Clients Thrive Through a Personal Touch

  • Services designed for business owners, sports and entertainment professionals, and high net worth individuals
  • Help navigating the complexities of retirement administration
  • Tax management and financial planning services offered

Wealth management goes far beyond a firm merely handing out advice to its clients – at least, if that firm is determined to ensure its clients’ success and build their wealth.

Richburg Enterprises takes a personal interest in its clients’ financial health and is focused on the specific needs of entertainment and sports professionals, as well as business owners. Richburg Enterprises leverages a network of high-end services and vetted providers to establish an effective measurable plan to achieve goals and grow a client’s portfolio. The company offers services in three main categories: business management, tax management, and financial planning. 

Business management

This sector deals with services such as budgeting, bookkeeping, cash management, and family office management. Richburg Enterprises believes that an efficient method for building wealth is through careful financial management with everything from business to home expenses. The team offers Chief Financial Officer services for CEOs and has experience when it comes to financing acting, artistic, and athletic brands. The firm customizes its accounting and financial services to enhance clients’ brands and assist them in achieving financial goals.

Richburg Enterprises’ services in business management include:

  • Developing corporate structure and incorporating entities
  • Preparing, implementing and monitoring operational budgets
  • Paying monthly bills and managing accounts payable
  • Invoicing and managing accounts receivable
  • Bookkeeping and maintaining accounting records
  • Cash Management and assisting with credit acquisition
  • Tour administration and reporting
  • Coordinating investment plan
  • Managing risk and insurance program
  • Preparing periodic cash and financial statements
  • Family office management

Tax management

Richburg Enterprises strives to retain the greatest part of clients’ income by minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing after-tax earnings. The firm feels that a key component of wealth management is developing a comprehensive tax planning strategy prior to all business ventures.

The tax professionals at Richburg Enterprises are experts in Federal, state, local, and international tax laws. The team provides support to clients in Chief Financial Officer roles by developing and implementing a customized tax plan specific to those clients’ industries and goals.

Tax management services include:

  • Tax Planning
  • Federal, state and local tax preparation
  • Federal, state and local tax audit representation

Financial planning

The team at Richburg Enterprises realizes that wealth management is more about people than about numbers. A client’s financial structure requires careful understanding of goals to preserve wealth for future generations. Richburg Enterprises has a dedicated team to work with clients, their estate attorneys, and investment advisors to create a personalized financial plan that reflects each client’s values and meet their long-term goals.

The firm coordinates estate plans by providing estate attorneys and investment advisors with accurate information and documentation. To provide support for estate planning, Richburg Enterprises coordinates with other financial professionals to implement and monitor clients’ financial plans to achieve their goals.

Financial planning services include:

  • Coordinating estate and retirement plan
  • Trust/Charitable Organization accounting
  • Reconciling investment statements
  • Preparing Charitable Organization, trust and estate tax returns Family office management

CEO Michelle Richburg

Richburg Enterprises’ President and CEO is Michelle Richburg, who is passionate about her work as a CFO. “To me, it’s never just numbers on the page,” she exclaims. “We’re very intentional about educating clients, making sure they pay their taxes, and enabling them to build wealth. Transparency is really key. We’re always open, honest, and direct.”

Ms. Richburg grew up in New York and credits her financial aptitude to her grandmother, a domestic worker who prized financial independence and managed to save astutely and purchase four houses in cash. This stressed to Ms. Richburg the importance of saving and offered a proven example of its benefits. After achieving a BS in Business Administration and completing training programs in wealth management, marketing management, total quality management, and banking at Mercy College, Ms. Richburg climbed the ranks of the New York banking industry, becoming a Senior Vice President at Signature Bank while handling financial portfolios for platinum music stars.

After parting ways with Signature Bank, she spent two years at People’s Bank before an Oprah Winfrey conference inspired her to make a major move. “She changed my life,” Michelle admits. “After that weekend, I thought, ‘Why am I settling? There are things I can do to move the dial.’ It turned a light switch on and brought me back to all of the things my grandmother embedded in me. That’s how I went from quitting my job to opening an actual office of my own.” She launched Richburg Enterprises in 2015, representing everyone from NBA stars and entertainers to small business entrepreneurs. She was named as a top business manager for 2020 and 2021 in Billboard, and also made Billboard’s 2020 and 2021 lists of R&B Hip Hop Power Players.

Early clients included major television personalities and music stars. In 2018 she welcomed CPA and MST Fabian Wright as a partner, adding a tax department in-house to the firm. Now, Richburg Enterprises specializes in business and tax management services in addition to financial planning. Ms. Richburg continues to look after a long list of clients and the accounting firm for WMG BFF Social Justice Fund—valued at $100 million. Along the way, Diverse Representation selected her among “The Ten To Watch in 2021,” while Black Enterprise profiled her. She co-authored her first book, Still I Thrive, in 2021.

“In order to create and sustain generational wealth, you have to plan and save,” she shares. “There’s a happy medium between splurging and saving. We’re here to help. It’s a long journey. It didn’t happen overnight, but I’m so blessed and grateful to be where I’m at.”