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Dark Comedy The Cosmos Sisters Releases on Streaming Platforms

LOS ANGELES, California – Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, iTunes, Roku, and other streaming platforms have released The Cosmos Sisters, a dark comedy film written, directed by, and starring queer filmmaker and actress Whitney Uland and filmmaker and comedienne Nora Kaye.

“I think that when you watch the movie you can tell how much fun we’re having,” Uland says. “It really was a big passion project for both of us, that we shot in 2020, when the entire world had shut down, so it was all pretty surreal even though we’ve been in the industry for a bit.”

Whitney Uland is a rising talent, having been featured in a recurring role in two episodes of the critically loved romantic anthology series Love Life starring Anna Kendrick and William Jackson Harper. Aside from her acting career, Uland has taken a considerable lead behind the camera, directing and writing shorts and series such as Hysterical Women, The Dingo Ate My Baby, and Jannessica.

The Cosmos Sisters is a dark comedy driven by the performances of its stars Uland and Kaye, the story follows two best friends finding themselves in their hometown after the death of one of their mothers, where events lead them to reform their old band. “Nostalgia and grief are big themes in the movie,” Uland says. “I think when we look back at our ‘glory years’ or whatever you’d call them, people blow a lot of things up or diminish other things and when you revisit them you tend to realize that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. We wanted to take that general idea somewhere and tell a story that’s dark, bizarre, and funny.”

Uland’s past writing credits also include Lucy Hale’s The Hating Game, further identifying Uland by her honest and cutting social perspective as a filmmaker.

Likewise, The Cosmos Sisters is a fun, dark, cynical yet hopeful comedy about friendship, pursuing dreams, and finding yourself despite all obstacles. “I think everybody has those dreams they had when they were teenagers that were informed by this view of the world where it’s possible to claim this sense of control,” Whitney says. “In a way, the movie is embracing the true chaos that life offers.”

Uland holds mentorship and inclusion to be of great importance and offers coaching services to performers through Abundant Artist Coaching. Whitney also owns Outer Darkness Films, a production company that to produces projects that are “as funny, complex, and weird as the people who make them.”

When speaking about her success in show business, Uland explains her approach as being centered on taking control of your narrative, turning setbacks into momentum to push yourself forward. “Success is the ability to alchemize every rejection, pain, and setback and turn it into something even more beautiful than you could have anticipated,” Uland says. “Like acting and filmmaking, entrepreneurship is really just about getting back up every time you get knocked down. Staying committed to your vision even when everyone around you is calling it quits.”

The Cosmos Sisters is available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

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