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A Home In Lighthouse Point Florida Was Purchased For $5.175M Cash By The CIO Of MCB052289 Holdings LLC

Lighthouse Point, Florida–MCB052289 Holdings LLC has recently announced its latest control over the home-flipping market. The home in Lighthouse Point sold for $5.175M and was purchased with no inspections, site unseen, and was paid for all in cash. This company looks forward to renovating and reselling this luxury home in the Lighthouse Point area soon.

MCB052289 Holdings LLC recently controlled a home located in Tampa Florida that went for $3.8M in January 2022 and was resold for $4.75M a year later. An agent spoke on behalf of MCB052289 Holdings LLC and said that only a few thousand dollars was put into that home before it was flipped for nearly a million dollar profit. This concept of flipping homes is a process that can take months to a year from start to finish, though many times, yields positive results.

Matthew Barnes, the CEO of Go VIP Worldwide and CIO of MCB052289 Holdings LLC , has been leveraging his contacts from his company and from his former neighborhood of Fisher Island to disrupt the luxury housing market. He closed on this most recent home on January 20, 2023, purchased in all-cash, and he and his team with MCB052289 Holdings LLC are thrilled to begin their reconstruction process. 

Barnes mainly leverages his contacts from Go VIP Worldwide along with his former neighbors from Fisher Island to buy and resell trophy homes in various US markets via resetting the overall market prices through the holding company MCB052289 Holdings LLC. Barnes comes from wealthy Fisher Island, coined as the richest zip code in Florida, and often the wealthiest in the United States. He buys multi-million dollar luxury homes with cash. After purchase, MCB052289 Holdings LLC controls the investments. 

As an example, the buyer signed a contract to buy the home in Lighthouse Point Florida without even seeing it in person and without inspecting it, agreeing to pay all cash for the property. This is the highest priced home sold in the neighborhood for the year, and one of the highest so far in South Florida. 

“The Lighthouse Point area is a gem in South Florida,” Barnes expresses. “This area in particular is poised to see rapid appreciation now that we have disclosed this particular buy.” The buyer plans to resell the compound this year and buy bigger ones nearby and said he expects he will profit several million reselling this one. 

MCB052289 Holdings LLC is expecting to have their operation running throughout the entire state of Florida, ready to buy luxury homes instantly. With Lighthouse Point in particular, the business has seen an exacerbated downtown there over the last year.

In December 2022, Barnes and his team expressed that the median sales price for homes sold in Lighthouse Point Florida compared to 2021 was negative 45%. However, this company is controlling the enhancement of this recently acquired home, adding another million dollars for finishing touches and updates. From there, MCB052289 Holdings LLC expects to see it resold 65% higher than what was invested in the purchase, plus the added expenditures made towards the enhancements.

MCB052289 Holdings LLC is a holdings company that was founded by Matthew Barnes to control billions of dollars of investments and in particular trophy real estate in Florida. After the recent closure on a $5.175M property in Lighthouse Point, Florida, the company expects the home will be re-listed soon on the market to turn a big profit. For more information about MCB052289 Holdings LLC and Mattew Barnes, connect with Barnes below.

Matthew Barnes 

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