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Have Fun with These Outdoor Hobbies

We all live pretty stressful lives, with all the demands on our time from our jobs and families. Sometimes we just have to get out, reconnect with ourselves, and find some balance. The outdoors, with its fresh air and beauty, is the perfect place to unwind and breathe freely. If you need some inspiration for how to feel rejuvenated and escape your phone, computer, and social media, read on for some great ideas. Better yet, grab a friend or family member and deepen your relationship while planting flowers or playing the back nine.


One of the most tranquil activities you can do, fishing allows you to simply slow down and contemplate what matters most: getting that fish. If you are squeamish about worms, don’t worry – there are plenty of lures you can use that aren’t quite so disgusting. To get started, do some research online about the rivers and lakes in your area, including any fishing guidelines you must follow. Each type of fish will respond to different kinds of lures, so make sure you come prepared. Be ready for some peace and quiet as you cast your reel and be at peace with everything around you.


Golfing is one of the few games you can play alone because you are always competing against yourself. It does, unfortunately, come with a steep learning curve – get ready for your divots to go further than your balls in the beginning. For some added fun, take along a few friends so that you can talk about the problems of the world or nothing at all as you golf. And yes, driving the golf cart up and down the fairways is a ton of fun.


Why do some people have a green thumb while others kill every plant they touch? It all comes down to two things: getting the right plants for your conditions and paying attention to them. So, before you buy any flowers or shrubs, thoroughly research your growing environment. How much sun are you getting and at what times? Is there shade? How much? Also, do you have any dogs, cats, or other plants you need to protect? Many plants are toxic to animals and can even kill them if ingested, so be ruthless about your research and cross out anything potentially harmful. Then, make a list of what you really can grow, sun/shade-wise, and only get those plants – nothing else. Last, develop a routine for watering, fertilizing, and pruning your garden. You will over time see it develop into a miniature paradise.


Nothing says getting away from it all like taking off into the woods with a backpack. Do a search online for state or national parks within an hour or two of where you live, and you will likely see a promising list pop up. Then, make sure you pack everything you need for your adventure, including what you will need for sudden weather changes, food, first aid, and other essentials. Include your phone, of course, and bring along a portable charger so that it doesn’t die. Last, never go hiking without leaving your itinerary and anticipated “home time” with a friend.


Fancy yourself a modern-day explorer? Then hop in a canoe or kayak and go discover what’s down the river, around that bend. One of the glorious things about going canoeing is that you very quickly feel like you are miles away from civilization. Without the noise of people or traffic, the wildlife comes out, and you may see deer, beavers, eagles, frogs, and other treasures, depending on where you live. Just remember to bring along everything you need to be safe, especially if the weather changes, and to stay in contact with people who have your itinerary.

Our world has become very dependent on technology and the Internet, so much so that you may be pleasantly surprised by how free you feel when you spend time outside. As you get out in the fresh air, take time to enjoy the beauty around you and life itself.