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Concierge Diagnostics Adds Medical Billing & Consulting Services

Miami, FL – Concierge Diagnostics Inc., a mobile diagnostic imaging company located in South Florida, has announced the addition of medical billing and consulting services to its current portfolio of over 100 referral partners. The goal is to minimize claim denial, reduce cost, and increase revenue to physician’s practices. 

The company has just launched labs in-house in addition to diagnostic ultrasounds. Concierge Diagnostics is pleased to open appointments for new patients to take advantage of the latest services.

Concierge Diagnostics, which specializes in performing diagnostic testing services such as ultrasounds and labs in the privacy and comfort of patient’s homes, currently serves over 600 patients, with 100+ referral sources through Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. As the company continues to grow and scale, its leadership team is dedicated to opening up new services to clients and patients.

The leadership team at Concierge Diagnostics has an expansion plan in place, with the goal of having reached more than one thousand serviced patients over the next five years. Plans also include opening a stand-alone boutique practice, as well as branching out to additional states, such as New York and California.

In addition, Concierge’s consulting arm, Concierge Credentialing & Consulting, is now available for new clients, and is open to physicians and sonographers. As a consulting company, Concierge caters to providing credentials for physicians, and also offers insurance enrollment services, as well as consulting to sonographers across the US hoping to pursue entrepreneurship.

Masiely (Massi) Abreu

Masiely (Massi) Abreu, Founder and CEO of Concierge Diagnostics and Concierge Credentialing & Consulting, says that the growth of her diagnostics company has allowed them to branch out into consulting. “I’ve encountered many sonographers who want to start their own mobile ultrasound business, but lack the tools to get started,” she shares. “That is what Concierge Credentialing & Consulting is all about. It’s about empowering our clients, both physicians and sonographers, to reach their highest potential, while doing what they love!”

She adds that in the practice’s decade-long history, her team has had the privilege to serve a number of VIP patients from all over the world, including professional athletes, performing artists, and political figures. Abreu is a registered diagnostic cardiac and vascular sonographer by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS), a member of the Society Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS), and a member of the Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU).

“I founded Concierge Diagnostics in 2014 with a dream and passion for the medical imaging business field,” Abreu reveals. “I also have a passion for entrepreneurship, and I love mentoring others on how to build their business.”

As her company continues to expand, Abreu is excited about the future. As for running a business in the modern world, she says, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right – everything starts with the mind. Mindset is everything in order to achieve success.”

Concierge Diagnostics Inc. is a healthcare company that provides mobile and on-site diagnostic testing services to patients, healthcare providers, and corporations. The company’s services include laboratory testing, imaging, and health screening, and they operate in various settings, including corporate offices, healthcare clinics, and patient homes. Concierge Diagnostics aims to provide convenient and accessible healthcare services to its clients while maintaining high-quality standards in its diagnostic testing.


Contact Masiely (Massi) Abreu at (305) 714-2160