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Nine Moons Piercing: Johnny Pearce Discusses His Love for Piercing

Body piercing is a bold and unique form of self-expression with a storied cultural history. The practice has been a feature of human culture for millennia, appearing in societies across the world. In many cultures, including some Native American, Southern Indian, and Nepalese societies, piercing

YouTube Channel, SavageShawntv Offers Hilarious Pranks

SavageShawn is a content creator and prankster that has gained popularity for his ability to pull off risky stunts on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Shawn’s videos continue to go viral, with a following of over 5 million followers on his social platforms.  The idea is

Model Nicole Marie Provides Daily Inspiration for Wellness

Nicole Marie, aka Niki, explains how she seemingly became a fitness influencer overnight. “I had no idea how much people would appreciate my posts,” Niki explains. “After posting a progress photo of my abs, one I felt self-conscious about posting, people started to gravitate towards

Nathan Menard: New Talent on the Music Scene

Musical artist and producer Nathan Menard is a romantic in every sense of the word. “I create music that leaves you changed, invites you to dream again, and moves you to dance,” he says, drumming his fingers as we talk. Just from listening to him,