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Why You Should Be Following Camo Tha GOAT

The power of the internet has been giving fame to the most relevant for a while now, but few have earned their internet title. That cannot be said of Chicago native, Camo Tha GOAT. As a fulltime rapper, record label owner, videographer, director, and influencer,

Meet Sircaliburx AKA THE MEME GOD

When creativity, internet fame, and design meet you get a force that has yet to be matched. Sircaliburx AKA THE MEME GOD has made a name for himself and his brand and label, InTheWave Corp. The rapper and influencer has been pretty busy lately with

Why You Should Visit the Beach on Your Next Vacation

Some of the funnest memories can be made on a southern beach vacation. With the crashing waves, the sights, the smells, and the BBQ, you’ll feel so welcome and ready to party. Perfect for families, there are many things to do in North Carolina. Get