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“Just go for it”: CapGenius Founder Jordan Verroi Says On Chasing Your Business Dreams

A desire to connect with like-minded people saw Jordan Verroi leave a high-paying job to pursue his true passion. Now with a slew of businesses under his belt – including creative content keyboard, CapGenius – Jordan gives his advice for budding entrepreneurs.

If you’re been thinking of stepping outside your regular nine-to-five job to pursue something you truly enjoy, there’s only one thing CapGenius Founder Jordan Verroi would say to you: “Just go for it.”

It’s simple yet powerful advice from a man who, at just 23, left his position at major recruitment firm Insight Global – where he was recognized as #2 Corporate Recruiter in the entire company – to chase his own dream.

Money was not the main motivation for Verroi. Instead, he wanted to work with like-minded people so that he could reach his full potential. “I enjoy the thrill of doing something new and developing,” he says. “I always want to be in situations where I am learning or doing something worthwhile.”

“The worst somebody’s going to say to you is no.”

Verroi then went on to sell for a ketchup brand that was recently acquired by Unilever. Through that business venture, he learned a lot about rejection. “Chefs in high-end restaurants were extremely picky,” he says.

In addition to all of his successes, he is a cast member of Bravo TV’s hit series “Summer House”. Be sure to stay tuned for more from him.