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Lawrence Washington: A Leader in K-12 Education

Lawrence Washington, the administrator of a K-12 school district, is the kind of leader you may have wished you had at your school back in the day. Watching as he walks through the halls and into his office, you get the sense that there really

Lawrence Washington: Today’s Youth are Tomorrow’s Leaders

Collaboration and cooperation are some of the most important aspects to thrive in student education, but the most important, according to Lawrence Washington, starts with the teachers. As an administrator/principal for a K-12 school district, Lawrence has worked his way up from an English teacher

Lawrence Washington: Using His Life to Educate the Next Generation

Lawrence Washington, the administrator/principal for a K-12 school district, thinks that how well students learn in school will impact society’s future. He believes so deeply in this that he has devoted his career to educating them and to mentoring young education professionals so that they