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RingID: An All-in-One Social Media Platform

RingID is a revolutionary social media platform with a massive, over 20 million person following in South Asia. It is considered an all-in-one social network experience. It includes voice and video calling, chatting and secret chatting, a popular newsfeed, media channels, multi-user interactive live, and

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Social Activism Finds a Dedicated Online Home on the SoAct Platform

Activism is on the rise. With Gen Z taking a stronger interest in social justice than many previous generations, it’s becoming more popular than ever. Many young activists are sharing ideas and joining the action through social media, especially Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Professional recruiter

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Glimpse is What Social Media Was Designed to Be

Imagine being able to use social media sell photos and videos of your life to your fans or your audience who values what you do. As a creator, it’s a dream to be able to monetize the things you make and to give your fans

YouTube Channel, SavageShawntv Offers Hilarious Pranks

SavageShawn is a content creator and prankster that has gained popularity for his ability to pull off risky stunts on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Shawn’s videos continue to go viral, with a following of over 5 million followers on his social platforms.  The idea is