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Olugbenga Ogunmefun: From Data to Decision

How this skilled researcher is shaping global market research with ethical insights Olugbenga Ogunmefun, a seasoned expert in market and social research, has significantly influenced the landscape of data-driven decision-making over the past 25 years. As the founder and CEO of Research Insights Consultancy, his

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Riot Platforms wants to buy Bitfarms for $950 million

Riot Platforms offers $950M to acquire Canadian Bitcoin miner Bitfarms. Bitfarms is facing leadership turmoil amid CEO Geoffrey Morphy’s lawsuit. The merger would create largest publicly listed Bitcoin miner by capacity. Riot Platforms, a prominent Bitcoin miner and Bitfarms’ largest shareholder, has made a hostile

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Notcoin price soars after beating Bitcoin in vote post NOT Airdrop launch

Notcoin price surges 33.42%, reaching $0.006884 after community votes favor it over Bitcoin. New NOT airdrop and earning missions boost user engagement and investment interest. Notcoin (NOT) is currently on its way back to its Binance listing price Notcoin (NOT) price has seen a remarkable

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UK High Court Judge rules against Craig Wright over Bitcoin copyright claims

Central to the case were the copyright claims made by Craig Wright over Bitcoin’s whitepaper and code. COPA claims victory, aims to safeguard Bitcoin’s decentralized nature against unwarranted copyright claims. Judge Mellor cited fabricated evidence in Wright’s claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The UK High

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Tether partners with RAK DAO to advance crypto education and adoption in UAE

Tether partners with RAK DAO to promote crypto adoption and education in the UAE. The collaboration includes facilitating crypto payments & developing educational programs. Aim is to drive economic growth and establish RAK DAO as a global blockchain hub. Tether, the pioneering issuer of the

Crypto investment products see first inflows in over a month

Digital assets investment products saw $130 million in inflows, the first after four weeks of outflows. Bitcoin remains above $62k and saw inflows of $144 million this past week. As Bitcoin shows fresh resilience above $62,000, latest market data reveals that digital asset investment products

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SEC delays decision on 7RCC Spot Bitcoin and Carbon Credit Futures ETF

SEC postpones decision on 7RCC Spot Bitcoin and Carbon Credit Futures ETF to June 24, 2024. The ETF plans to invest 80% in Bitcoin and 20% in Carbon Credit Futures-linked financial instruments. Gemini has been named custodian for the ETF. The United States Securities and

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Animoca Brands “comes to Bitcoin” with OPAL Protocol

Animoca Brands says Bitcoin is ready for Web3. The blockchain gaming giant will collaborate with Darewise and OPAL Protocol to launch a new era for gaming, DeFi and Web3 on BTC. BLIF, a new token of the OPAL Protocol, will power the ecosystem. Animoca Brands,