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Everything You Need to Know about Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs are based on the 12 constellations that lie along the path the Sun appears to travel in the sky, known as the ecliptic. Each zodiac sign is associated with a set of personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and general life themes. Here is everything

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Graphic Artist Emily Kalina: Making Art in a Modern Way

Technology may never catch up to or overtake human creativity and style when it comes to making art, but it can certainly augment it. According to celebrated graphic artist Emily Kalina, technological advancements in the digital art space are allowing human artists to achieve results

Nathan Menard: New Talent on the Music Scene

Musical artist and producer Nathan Menard is a romantic in every sense of the word. “I create music that leaves you changed, invites you to dream again, and moves you to dance,” he says, drumming his fingers as we talk. Just from listening to him,

New Wave Synth Pop Artist Daniel Lately Drops New Single

Challenging the status quo, Daniel Lately with Connecticut based producer Roman Putnam and Milwaukee director Dominic Panico are shaking up the indie music scene with a new wave of 80’s synth pop and new age pop to create a unique visual and audio storytelling experience.