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How This 22 Year Old Eats For Free Wherever He Goes

Influencer’s can eat almost anywhere for free. A simple email, stating what their goal is could lead to one of the best meals of a lifetime- one many may not be able to have ever. But what is the goal of these influencers?

Simply to bring exposure.

Although it seems like an easy job it can be challenging at times and takes tons of dedication. As an influencer they want to bring exposure of the different style of foods, and places they are able to experience and share it with everyone that follows them and their friends. Influencers accomplish this by posting a simple picture. They add a nice edit showing their point of view but also making sure the picture is one someone looks at and immediately wishes that they were the ones eating.

They need to add a good caption to grab your attention after seeing the picture, and bam post it to their account. Next thing you know the restaurant is packed, sold out of items, and business for them is now booming all because of an Instagram post. Sean Kelly, of the Instagram account @delicious, has over 400,000 followers and greatly follows the life of a “foodie” influencer, reposting and visiting hundreds of restaurants eating some of the best food the country has to offer, all at the cost of a post. When companies see their competitor’s business booming through social media, they too want an in on this new upcoming world. The current generation is essentially born and raised using social media. If you reach them, you’ll eventually reach more people than you’ll ever know.

Having your simple post being shared a few times, leads to hundreds then thousands and before you know your restaurant has gone viral over a picture that you only thought a few people locally would see. Having your picture or video go viral means that people from all over the world could possibly see it, meaning that people from thousands of miles away could travel all to eat your delicious food. How fantastic would that be? Not only do the restaurants business boost but the influencer themselves that make this possible become in high demand. If they can make this happen for one restaurant, who’s to say it couldn’t happen to the next one? Or even yours? The truth is, the only way to find out is to reach out to them. Becoming an influencer is one of those jobs that people fantasize about.

It seems unreal until you have your own page and sure enough day by day your follow count is increases. Then before you know it, restaurants are messaging you in hopes you’ll come promote their now small business and make them into something people would travel to come see.