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Weighing The Week Ahead: Curb Your Enthusiasm


Economic news remains very bad. The light economic calendar offers little of interest.

Corporate earnings reports accelerate in the week ahead, but attention will center on the post-crisis outlook.

Tracking market prospects requires a combination of science, economics, and political analysis. Only then can you consider the implication for stocks and sectors.

There are some excellent sector prospects and I provide some tips on how to look for them.

The economic calendar is light and provides little post-COVID-19 data. Continuing jobless claims takes on a new importance, and we may get some useful information from the components of the University of Michigan sentiment survey. 96 companies in the S&P 500 will report earnings. The depth of the employment decline and curtailment of normal activity has turned the national debate to how and when the restrictions will end. Investors, encouraged by these apparent plans, are trying to look beyond the recession. This is a good concept but represents a huge emotional swing from just a few weeks ago. Mr. Market is noted for emotion, but sound analysis is more important.