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Argyle: Providing Access to A Customer’s Driving History. A Fireside Chat with CEO Shmulik Fishman

Argyle: Providing Access to A Customer’s Driving History. A Fireside Chat with CEO Shmulik Fishman


Argyle helps users gain insight into a customer’s driving history.


Before, there was limited available information about applicants. With Argyle, you have access to complete transparency into users’ driving history, and you can understand users’ mileage, on platform driving, and vehicle info with trip level granularity.


Insurance providers have to verify claims based on limited information about driver’s activities during an accident. Argyle provides a quick way for claim applicants to share their driving history from multiple platforms to provide transparency into the accident. Argyle offers simple insurance processing, with all the information your team needs for insurance subrogation in one place. You can spot inconsistencies in reports, and compare actual granular driving history with what is being reported to spot inaccuracies.


If you’re an applicant, having accurate and precise information on your own driving history verified across a variety of sources save a significant amount of money on premiums, rates and fees. If your driving record is better than one or two sources make it appear to be, it can be a crushing frustration to lose out on savings you’ve carefully earned with good driving habits that may not otherwise have been reported with Argyle.


If an applicant is unable to clearly and transparently provide driving history after an accident, this leads to a cascading series of inaccuracies that can negatively affect rates, driver reputation, driver retention with a particular provider, and the provider’s reputation over time. If an applicant, for example, publicly criticizes a provider for not fairly considering their driving history, and the provider doesn’t have sufficient information to begin with, it’s damaging for all parties. This situation can be avoided through the comprehensive data access Argyle provides.


If someone involved in an accident happened to be a driver for a platform like Uber, Lyft, or DoorDash, for example, here’s how the process would work: 


A user is asked to add his work accounts to proceed with claim verification. An Argyle link is provided to the user with a selection of gig and employment platforms. A gig platform is successfully connected and driving history is being scanned. Your app gets access to a complete driving history across platforms.


If you’re a gig driver with a significant positive driving history across platforms, Argyle will access as much of your driving history as any platform available, which could mean the difference of thousands of dollars in premium increases.


If you’re a provider, Argyle can help you stimulate positive customer retention and engagement. If an insured is in an accident, the ability to draw from multiple sources to verify driving history and ensure a less-severe penalty or premium increase for the driver will reinforce the driver’s confidence in you as a provider, and show the driver that you’re looking out for their best interest, not simply aiming to gouge them for premiums.


Comprehensive driving history verification is truly a win-win situation!