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Dr. Glenn Vo, Showing Others How to Become Influencers

Dr. Glenn Vo, Showing Others How to Become Influencers


Most people see dentists as people who spend their days cleaning teeth and inserting fillings. Dr. Glenn Vo, a dentist in Denton, Texas, defies those expectations. Yes, he has all the instruments you’d expect. However, at the end of each workday, this dentist transforms into an entrepreneur, USA Today best-selling author of 2612 Cherryhill Ln, business coach, and speaker.


Where does his passion and conviction come from? He has a desire to help entrepreneurs. He himself is one, and he wants to help new innovators avoid the pitfalls that lie ahead for them. He is determined to help them overcome those pitfalls by helping them build community, leverage social media to strengthen their brands, and ultimately grow their businesses.


Experience is the best teacher, and Dr. Vo has learned from his, which he uses to teach new entrepreneurs the same concepts that have helped him grow his own business in only a few short years. In particular, Dr. Vo focuses on the game-changer of becoming an influencer in your community.


The Nifty Thrifty Dentists arose because I believe in cultivating meaningful online relationships,” Dr. Vo explains. “Over time, I created my Facebook group of more than 30,000 dental professionals, and one of the results is that I have helped my peers save money in their own practices. I saw that by forming relationships in my field, I could become an influencer. Can anyone do this? Yes. This is one thing I like to help people do.”


Dr. Vo also believes in “the triangle of genius.” While many believe they have no special ability, Dr. Vo believes this is not true. As he explains, anyone can find their genius ability by understanding their strengths and passions as well as the needs of the industry they are in. “You have something to offer. Maybe you haven’t found it yet, but it’s there. My concept helps you combine what you’re good at with your passion, and the results will be amazing.”


Over the years, Dr. Vo has taken his message to podcasts, speaking on such topics as the creation of The Nifty Thrifty Dentists and the core business principles that helped him establish his dental practice, which he teaches in his Doctor Entrepreneur series.


His upcoming book, Industry Influencer, elaborates more on how anyone can become a leader in their field. He is already receiving rave reviews, as expressed by Dennis Yu, a world-famous marketer:


“In a world swarming with self-proclaimed influencers, Dr. Glenn Vo is the real deal. Who else is a practicing industry professional who also has a group of over 30,000 in his industry? If you want to make the leap from doctor to being well-known in your community and in an area you care about, there is no better road map than the Industry Influencer.”

Dr. Vo’s passion for people and deep belief in their potential stems in part from what he has experienced in his own life.

“Everyone has ups and downs, and I have been no exception. I have had my highs, and I have had some lows. I can point to triumphs and to tragedies. Thankfully, I have been able to experience turning points. I see these moments as divine moments. That plus chance encounters and the generosity of other people have helped me move forward in life. Ultimately, I want to do the same for other people.”

Dr. Vo hears from people who are discouraged and in need of guidance regarding their businesses. He has some advice for them:

“There are always going to be challenges. You can’t avoid them. Also, you’ll find the naysayers. People will be so sure that you can’t do something. However, you must decide for yourself whether or not they’re right. Don’t lose your confidence. Stay focused. Surround yourself with people who support you.”

Dr. Vo is optimistic about his future and excited about the potential for helping other entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. He wants to inspire them to go further than they may have thought possible. That goal is already being achieved, one life at a time.