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Meet Sircaliburx AKA THE MEME GOD

When creativity, internet fame, and design meet you get a force that has yet to be matched. Sircaliburx AKA THE MEME GOD has made a name for himself and his brand and label, InTheWave Corp. The rapper and influencer has been pretty busy lately with developing new designs for his clothing and merch for his online shop, creating content for instagram and YouTube, and making rap music on his label.

“My secret is a lot of hard work, some connections, a great team, and good design,” he says. “I have so many things in motion right now and preparing for future things.” With his motivations and careful planning for his future and career, everything he has going for him is being laid out in a step by step manner.

“Preparation is a good place to start when you want to do big things,” he explains. “Getting into the music industry isn’t so much of a right now thing because I am working on other projects and really want to be ready with my sound and brand.” As he develops more of his talents, art, and music, he is moving in the right direction to solidify himself as a brand and artist.

Sircaliburx is a rapper and artist based out of Philadelphia. As a creative force in the world, he created a brand and label called InTheWave Corp that provides clothing, merchandise, videography and photography services. He is establishing himself so that when it comes time, he is going to break out in the music industry and build a fan base overseas. Sircaliburx has created a number of brands and is behind the creation of several memes. “I call myself the MEME GOD,” he says smiling. His inspiration behind his brand and label, InTheWave Corp is a genre of music called vaporwave, “I want to make music I love and to relax to. Some of my sound I wanted to focus on nostalgia that will take you back. With my music, I just started trying to find my sound and continue to evolve it,” he explains. “But, it all comes with time.” 

His inspiration to become a rapper was from XXXTENTACION and Lil Uzi Vert with their unique sound and unheard flow. His plans are just to keep getting better and be as influential as they were and are. A part of Sircaliburx’s plans are to become a successful rapper with his own unique sound. “I’m very excited for the future of my brand and label, because I have a lot of big plans,” he says.

While Sircaliburx has a lot going on, he is growing to be one of the most popular meme accounts on the internet. Making comedic or funny content is what he believes is his calling at the moment. “I’m having a lot of fun with everything. Whether it’s filming a comedy prank video or interviewing people on the street, I’m laughing, my team is laughing. It’s a good time.”

When he isn’t doing a prank video or making memes, he has an online store where he sells a lot of his merchandise and meme themed apparel and accessories. With the services of In The Wave offer, Sircaliburx is able to offer videography and photography as well as MEME GOD type merchandise like cups, sweaters, shirts, hoodies, and other clothing and accessory items. “My merch is one of a kind and really creative. I am an artist so I love getting to design and create really good ideas and then list them in my shop.”

As Sircaliburx is prone to growth and internet fame, he has found that he is passionate about what he truly loves: music. “I learned that success and happiness is doing what you love and being content with what you’re doing. Money isn’t always the value of success,” he says.

Finding what you love and are passionate about are the first steps to making your future what you want it to be. You have to have a lot of fun with it and make sure you’re prepared for the career you want. “All you can do after that is to dive in; just go for it.”