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Michael Theodorou’s Top Tier: Innovative Solutions, Great Pricing, and Unmatched Speed

The pandemic and global recession have made many products scarce, including personal protective equipment (PPE), and have caused delays in shipping, hurting businesses and individuals. Top Tier Group Inc. and its CEO, Michael Theodorou, however, are helping to solve this problem by leveraging the company’s extensive warehouses to ship PPE as well as other products around the world. As an international exporter and product supplier that operates in multiple markets, Top Tier Group uses its expertise in logistics to keep its inventory well-stocked and to ship as rapidly and reliably as it did before COVID entered the worldstage.

The main advantage of Top Tier Group lies in the company’s diversity, as its smaller companies each fulfill a key market need.

Top Tier Safety Supplies

Top Tier Safety Supplies was founded with one goal in mind: to ease the shortage of PPE caused by the sudden arrival of the coronavirus. Michael and his team quickly built a complete inventory of PPE, including medical supplies and equipment, safety supplies, healthcare products, and nitrile gloves (the company is an officially licensed distributor of Blossom nitrile gloves). This enabled customers to have PPE at a time they needed it most. They also benefited from Top Tier Safety Supplies’ prioritization of flexibility, as the company knows that as COVID continues to evolve, so, too, will health regulations. Customers can be assured that the products Top Tier Safety Supplies has will pass governmental standards.

To help make society safer, Top Tier Safety Supplies also works with hospital brokers, surgeries, pharmacies, and hospitality chains to deliver PPE. The company has contributed PPE to larger, busier hospitals in order to serve the community. 

Top Tier Moving and Storage

Top Tier Moving and Storage offers comprehensive moving, packing, and unpacking services both in Canada and internationally. The company is able to handle any move, including those who are changing apartments, seniors who are downsizing, businesses that are relocating, or people who are moving abroad. 

Even with the pandemic, which has caused many shipping services to experience shortages in staff and moving supplies, Top Tier Moving and Storage has kept its commitment to helping its customers to move easily and on time.  

About Michael Theodorou

Michael founded Top Tier Group with his friend Damian when they saw a real need for an international exporter and product supplier that would reliably deliver shipments. At the center of the company were the two men’s unshakeable trust in each other and their ethics. As Top Tier Group grew, Michael and Damian remained determined to keep those values in the company. 

Today, Michael continues to lead Top Tier Group, using his experience in sales, operations, management, and business development to lead the company to further success. As Top Tier Group continues to grow and opens a new warehouse in Toronto, the company is cultivating a reputation for customer service, consistency, and ethics. It found success in the New World Report’s North America Business Awards 2020 and remains as Michael and Damian envisioned it would be: a company that its customers can depend on no matter what is happening in the world.

Top Tier Group Continues to Dominate the Market

With more than 20,000 products that are shipped from warehouses across Canada and the United States, Top Tier Group and Michael Theodorou are proving that their values and customer service are an unbeatable combination for their growing customers.