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Sienna Wagnon Discusses Life After Abuse: A story of Survivorship

Though October is domestic awareness month, domestic violence is an issue that weighs on the minds of those who have lived through it every day. Sienna Wagnon is one such survivor who now advocates for other survivors of domestic violence and domestic violence awareness. 

Advocacy and Awareness

Sienna states, “I don’t think being abused is something you “get over” or forget about. I would describe it’s more like something you move through. There are stages, just like grief. Each stage is different, with different lessons as you move through healing. I believe that awareness is crucial for change to happen.”

Her Story of Domestic Violence

Circumstances may differ, but there’s a similar underlying theme in each story. It’s the feelings that come with domestic violence. It’s a feeling of being disconnected from the world and that you’re alone. “The best way to describe the situation is that it feels constricting, and you don’t know you’re in until it’s too late.” Wagnon expresses. 

Wagnon is referring to an incident that happened in 2019 on a Las Vegas trip with her husband in which he was charged with battery and assault. “He repeatedly slammed my head into the ground and attempted to suffocate me with a pillow,” Wagnon explains. Officers arrived at the scene to see that the married couple’s luggage and belongings were strewn around the hotel room. Officers documented the details and photographed the scene. 

Later, while at the hospital, medical staff photographed and documented several injuries to her arms, feet, and face. Medical reports also reveal that Sienna sustained several head injuries from being repeatedly slammed into the floor. Police reports state that Wagnon recalls losing consciousness during the attack. 

Wagnon’s life was spared that night. “I later learned that intimate partner violence accounts for 15% of all violent crime,” Wagnon states. “Studies also suggest that there is a relationship between intimate partner violence, depression, and suicidal behavior.”

Advocacy for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Residing in Phoenix, Wagnon decided to share her story after the pandemic revealed a rise in unreported domestic abuse cases. During this time, people were so isolated, and they had no one to confide in. With lockdown restrictions, victims had nowhere to go, and no one was around to report it. After seeing how many deaths resulted from domestic violence during the pandemic, Sienna began speaking publicly about her story. 

Education Regarding Various Types of Abuse 

After going through domestic violence, you learn a great deal about yourself, the abuser, and how you fell into that situation. My hope in speaking publicly about domestic violence is that I can help other people feel less isolated and alone in that situation.

Being made aware of the statistics and red flags associated with domestic violence could help other people. Just knowing those facts might make someone reconsider staying in a relationship with an abusive partner and get help before it’s too late. 

I also want people to know that this is something many people face and that there are people who are willing to assist you in making decisions that will help you come out of an abusive relationship alive and stronger.”

For more information, you can reach Sienna through her social media pages:

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